First Steps after Moving into a New Home

There’s no better feeling than moving into a new home and starting to make new memories. After all the stress and hard work while preparing for the move is done, it’s time to go on. The process of moving is hard and requires organization, but settling down in the new space is no different at all. You’ll have to make lists and juggle different things at the same time, but also get to enjoy your new home. Here’s a list that will guide you through the process and help you stay on top of every part of this new stage in your life.


Inspect all delivered boxes

With all the items you had to pack, you’ve probably already created a list of boxes and their content to help you with organizing your move. Apart from that, taking this step will also help you deal with the unpacking process as well because you’ll be able to use those same lists again. It will also be crucial to see whether all the boxes got delivered to your new house before unpacking them.

Start by counting and sorting them by their content. It’s important to notice missing boxes while the movers are still at your house. If you don’t do this while they’re unpacking your boxes, there’s a risk you won’t be able to track them down at all. So, make sure you tick box by box as they unload them from the truck, as that’s the best way to finish this on time.


Unpack the essentials

Don’t rush into unpacking everything at once because things will get crowded the second you start the process. Start with the boxes containing the essential items you’ll need for your work and to function around the house. Keep in mind that you’ll be tired from the move and you don’t need to start unpacking the second you walk into your new house.

Bathroom and bedroom are the rooms you’ll start using right away, and these need to be prepared and ready to welcome you and all the members of your family. When it comes to the kitchen, unpack only what you’ll need for cooking right away, and leave the rest for later. Assemble the bed in the bedroom, and make sure your bathroom is ready for showering, and this will be enough for the first few days.


Turn on the utilities

You’ve probably already arranged everything for moving your utilities before the move, and now all that’s left to do is deal with the details. Water and power are the fundamental things you’ll need and that’s something you should handle first.

Make sure to find the best provider with the best deals for a powerful electricity connection that will make everything run smoothly. If you’ve inspected the plumbing beforehand, you shouldn’t have any problems with the water, and it will be connected just in time for your first day. After taking care of that, you can set up the rest of the utilities – the Internet, the cable, the phone and other important services you use – more easily.


Meet the neighbours

Don’t expect your neighbors to come to greet you with some food – this isn’t the 1950s after all! – so feel free to invite them in for a cup of coffee yourself. Many people don’t want to disturb anyone during the unpacking process, but why not invite them while taking a break from work?

This can turn out to be a great way of learning the events in the neighborhood and getting some great recommendations. On the other hand, if you don’t want to invite your neighbors until everything is finished, simply knock on their doors, introduce yourself and ask them to come to your house after you’re done unpack your stuff.


Secure your new home

Of course, the previous homeowners won’t come to your house with their own set of keys, but you still want to make sure you feel secure in your new home. That’s why it’s important to think about security from the first day – change the looks on all the doors and make sure only you and your family members have the keys.

Apart from that, change the alarm code or think about getting a new one if it’s not already installed. No matter what the situation in your neighborhood is when it comes to burglary, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Now, all that’s left to do is enjoy your new home and make plans for your next steps. These aren’t the only things you should do after you’ve moved in, but there are lots of other things waiting for you, so start getting everything done in time. Take some time to relax and de-stress from the move, and enjoy a nice movie or a night out to take your mind off everything that’s been going on lately.

By Emma Joyce

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