Food for Thought (and better Sleep)


Have you ever eaten so much that you feel tired or sleepy?

Sure you have.

And you might think that I am going to convince you to eat your belly full in order to sleep better. Because it works right?


Sorry but this is not the topic of today. Eating your belly full might get you feeling tired and ready for sleep. But it is not the right way to eat yourself to dreamland.

It does more bad than good to you. You probably already know that getting fat is one of the side effect but there are way more which you can check out here.

Instead of that you should add some foods to your diet which are rich in sleep nutrients.

This is a very simple way to give your night’s rest a power boost. We already eat during the day so replacing or adding a food is not that hard.

To give you an example most tend to drink some warm milk at night because it helps them to sleep better. And again for most of us this really helps. Can you see how simple this is. By just drinking one glass you just gave your sleep a simple boost.

By now you might be wondering what the sleep nutrients are and in which foods you can find them. Worry not as you can find all you need in the infographic below. I hope this will work for most of you as it is one of the more simple things we can do to enhance our sleep quality.


By Fabian Tjong

Fabian is the guy behind Napseason, a resource site where everyone with sleep problems can come to solve or learn about the sleep mechanism of our body. We aspire to break down the science of sleep into bite size pieces. You can check out the latest article about body pillows or follow him on twitter.



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