Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy


Some people will tell you that because you are now eating for two means that you can overindulge and eat whatever you want. Pregnancy is a great excuse, however, indulging too much in the bad foods that are out there can lead to unforeseen issues during your pregnancy for you and your child.

These are issues that no mother wants to hear during a routine checkup. Having to remember to take a prenatal vitamin is difficult enough, thanks to mom’s brain. But then adding things like a gestational diabetes medication or monitoring your blood pressure constantly can be a hassle for any expecting mother to deal with.

There is hope for us mothers that love a carton of ice cream every blue moon. And that is to avoid certain foods altogether or drastically decrease how much you consume them. Now don’t go flipping out thinking of all the things that you can or can’t eat.

Instead, think of it as things that will help your baby develop the way that they are supposed to without that development being crippled by the foods that aren’t good for you. It isn’t just about avoiding foods that give you tons of bad fats it’s about consuming foods that don’t cause things like preterm membrane rupture, low birth weight, spinal cord issues, stunted brain and neurological development, and much more.

Our goal is to educate mothers that may not have as much knowledge as they should about how consuming these foods may affect them and their unborn child. Eating the foods that we recommend you avoiding and limiting could expose you and your child to things like salmonella, food poisoning, e.coli, and other symptoms that come from improperly handled foods.


Foods may cause diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramping, and other symptoms that cause dehydration or preterm labor because they haven’t been properly prepared, thoroughly washed, or aren’t pasteurized. We don’t want to police you and lay down the law on what you shouldn’t eat.

We simply want you to understand that because you are eating for two everything you do affects more than just you. It can affect your child to a point where severe complications may take place as well as put your health in jeopardy also. It is important that you talk with your doctor about exactly what you can have some of and what you don’t need at all.

By changing your diet and having a more balanced diet you will begin to see how it positively affects you. When you consume foods that are heavy in fats and processed sugars you will gain excess weight, feel fatigued and sluggish. Pregnancy is tough enough without causing extra stress to your body.

This time is a beautiful time for an expecting mother because since we were little girls we have heard stories about how amazing our bodies are now we get to see these things firsthand. You will see your body evolve and transform and become a vessel that provides nourishment for another human being.

And during birth, you’ll get to witness your body transform again and give birth to a little one whom you’ve imagined meeting for months now. Then finally youll watch as your body seemingly in a matter of weeks transforms again and a give way to a child that you have yet to meet yet. Then again after birth your body will evolve yet again and pull itself back together.


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