Exterior Inspiration • The Steps To Enjoying Intimate Garden BBQs


The Steps To Enjoying Intimate Garden BBQs

Dinner outdoors is something that is only usually possible in the UK during the summer months. This year, we’ve been blessed with a much warmer than usual, so temperatures at nighttime have been ideal for eating in the garden.

However, not everyone is afforded wonderful gardens, so it’s important to make the most of your surrounding this summer.

Step 1: Modify the space

Start with creating an intimate garden space by making some improvements in and around your backyard. In our previous article ‘Easy Ways to Make Your Garden More Private’, we showed how you can add a little more exclusivity to your garden.

The most basic method is by installing a fence which can double up as protection. Alternatively, you could build a masonry wall or even plant trees or bushes that will grow over time.

Step 2: Purchase all the necessary furniture and equipment


After solving the problem of privacy, next on the agenda should be finding the right garden furniture. At the heart of every garden lies a fine set of garden benches or picnic table. The beauty of garden furniture is they provide functionality as well as aesthetic impact.

There are tons of types to choose from, and they range from classic to more contemporary bespoke furniture items. Classic wooden picnic tables are still very popular and are a great addition to any garden. However, it’s important to find picnic tables that are durable and will withstand the temperamental British weather. The picnic tables listed on Screwfix, for instance, are pressure-treated and mould-resistant meaning they will last for years without deteriorating. And in addition to their long-lasting features, wooden furniture gives off a rustic appeal which is an excellent garden theme to bring to your backyard.

Although, that doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to solely wooden furniture. Table and chairs made from steel are widely available are often used in urban gardens.


One aspect that is often overlooked is lighting. Affordable and energy-efficient LED lights now come in various colours and styles. The Guardian shared some garden lighting ideas which you can adapt and modify to your own style and taste. If you want a more permanent solution though, you can have garden light posts installed which are certainly more practical if you have a young family or pets roaming around the garden.


In addition to tables, benches and lighting, you may also want to setup an outdoor kitchen and barbecue. Like explained in another post here on TLC, this is another secret to make spending time in the garden enjoyable with the whole family while cooking some awesome BBQs in the summer.

This brings us to the last step…

Step 3: It’s cooking time


Your outdoor BBQ is going to make preparing meals much easier and faster. We have shared tons of recipes with you over the years and for eating outdoors, you can begin with a bowl of Village Salad which is a good and healthy starter.


As for the main course, why not prepare dishes such as Sauteed Pork with Coriander Weeds and Red Wine, and Slow Cooked Lamb with Orzo Pasta. Put that BBQ to good use as well by cooking Grilled Lemon Chicken. Just make sure you marinate the chicken the night before.






To top everything off, there are lots of desserts both regular and gluten free such as Vanilla Custard Dessert, and Gluten Free Raspberry and Walnut Cake that are perfect for summer afternoons in the garden. All these and more are listed in our Recipes section.




By following these steps, you are well on your way to creating priceless days in the garden that can be enjoyed by the whole family.