To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo


My Guide to Getting Inked

A large percentage of my business is tattoo removal.  In fact, I lecture on the subject and have my tattoo removal lasers made to my specs.
I’m convinced that the minimum age for tattoos should be 25.  Most of the tattoos I remove were done before the age of 25, the rest are plain ol’ bad work.

Know It All Do You?

The fact is that when you’re 17 and 18 you know everything…One of the things you KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt is that the unicorn you wanted tattooed on your arm represented your mystical side and that you were going to be MYSTICAL for the rest of your life.  So off you went to the tattoo parlour with your best friend to get matching unicorns.  IMG_4560Except you went to a cheap tattoo parlour because at that age you didn’t have much money and you would not dare ask your parents.

If you were lucky you would have walked out with something that resembled a unicorn rather than My Little Pony.  A few years of coolness would have followed through your university years and then, when you were about 25, you landed your dream job…but you had to wear long sleeves even in the summer to cover what by now, everyone thought was indeed My Little Pony!

Sound familiar?  Of course it does because variations of this story come into my clinics every single day.

So unless you want this to be you, take note now or forever hold your INK.

Try not to get a tattoo until you’re at least 25.  By this time, you will know the sort of career you’re going to be in and therefore you will know where you can have a tattoo.  I remove many visible tattoos in order for people to be able to apply to jobs that demand no visible tats.

By this time you will also know if you want to have children.  This is particularly important for the ladies because that cute little dolphin you got on your tummy will turn into an orca whale as your tummy grows during pregnancy.

NO NAMES!!!!  EVER!!! I don’t care if it’s your mother’s name.  Take it from someone that doesn’t have a relationship with her own mother.  Back in the days when I would have done anything for her to love me this may have seemed like a good idea.  I would have regretted it in the days when I realised she wasn’t capable of love and have had to go no contact for my own sanity.  I have been blessed with the most wonderful in laws in the world by nope, not getting their name tattooed on my arm.

The picture of the mum tattoo is taken straight after the treatment. The dots are gasses which are a product of the treatment and will dissipate within 20 minutes.

No one goes into a marriage thinking they’re going to divorce but the fact is that 50% of marriages end in divorce so those are your odds of ending up having to get it removed.  I have removed names of fathers, mothers, children names where the custodial parent refuses visitation, ex lovers, best friends that have passed away…you name it, I’ve seen it and I’ve lasered it.

Don’t get a tattoo unless you can afford to go to the best possible artist.  Do your homework and go to the best.  In this industry, you get what you pay for!  There are so many wonderful tattoo artist today that it would be a crime to end up hating your ink.  A great place to start is your local tattoo convention.  You get to see lots of and lots of artist in one place.

We live in privileged times.  Tattoo inks are vibrant and the artistry is better than ever before.  With a little thought we can all have a bit of ink that we will love forever.

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