Getting Over Everest • Theatre Review

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Getting Over Everest

Comedic timing is paramount in the female-led play ‘Getting Over Everest’, written and led by Natasha Santos and directed by Katherine Timms.  It is theultimate break up story. Libby gets dumped by her boyfriend of ten years, Rob Everest, two weeks before Christmas. She is left with so many questions and turns to alcohol for a sense of relief. Her supportive, kind-hearted and sometimes oblivious housemate Steph continuously tries to comfort Libby through this tough time with the catchphrase is “It’s okay not to be okay”. Along with being heartbroken, Libby also must deal with office politics, Zumba and strange sexual encounters. Desperate to get over Rob by getting under someone else, she sleeps with what I can only describe as a Boris Johnson look- a-like.  She even leaves the cringiest voicemails on Rob’s phone, falsifying sexual endeavours.


I found the play attention grabbing, warm hearted and relatable. It has all the makings of a modern comedy drama. It was lovely to see the main character go through the slow process of self-actualization. The Zumba and club sequences were hilarious and in contrast the speeches to audience heart-breaking. The performances of the cast were spot on, with only the odd moment lacking flow. George Vafakis played some truly quirky characters and had the audience in stitches with his commitment to them. Samantha Spurgin flawlessly transitioned from one character to another with such ease and believably and lead Natasha Santos drove the play home with her realism and wit. Overall, ‘Getting Over Everest’ was well-rounded, entertaining and good fun.

‘Getting Over Everest’ is playing at The Hope Theatre until the 21stof December. Tickets are available here:

Review by Ciara Kelleher

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