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A Zen Life going Forward

3 Steps Towards Living a Lighter Life

To the women who live to mother.

Consciously we all strive for an abundant life, a body that is in optimum health, and relationships that are fulfilling and nourishing. Yet it feels as though these desires to perfect ourselves or our relationships keep us stuck. Have you often felt at times things don’t work out the way we planned? A well meant comment turns into a heated argument or future prospects that once excited you, create anxiety or doubt in your energy. Have you ever thought what could be the cause of such undercurrents? What could possibly be getting in the way of your inner peace?! What key ingredient will help you to stay present with where you are, who you are and be able to express yourself the best way possible?

Being a mum should be the most exciting, connected and exhilarating time of our lives but the conditions and pressure we put on ourselves make magical moments feel like a distant memory. One of the ways we, as mothers, push Zen times into the future is in deciding, or rather choosing, another’s happiness over our own.

“When the kids go to college then I will…”

“My heart is not closed, I’m just waiting for my perfect partner…”

“It’s not that I’m unhappy, but I’d be happier when I am earning ‘x’ amount..”

As life continues so does our futuristic list. Very rarely do we grab an opportunity to take control, put in creative time towards that project, or to simply relax without feeling guilty! Peace and happiness get pushed into the oblivion of the future. Each day is a disappointing reminder of what we haven’t done for ourselves!

The good news is that this article has been written with you, mother, in mind. It shares with you 3 simple steps to start, wherever you are on your path, to step back into the present, taking the time you need to recharge and stay revitalised.

Making a personal pact that on this mother’s day, you will step into your Zen life guilt free, taking daily steps to use the most powerful tools in our arsenal, our minds! The following 3 steps will show you how to update your cellular memory so that you can access inner peace.

Step 1: Awareness

Awareness is the key to everything. Our realities are based on our awareness. We make choices in life based on what information we have about that situation and invest our time in what we deem to be important. You may find it unusual to jot down how you have spent the last 24 hours, but we can’t solve what we aren’t aware of! It’s an enlighteningprocess as this list allows you to start addressing, subconsciously, the issue that stands between you and your inner peace. In the case of relationships, usually it’s our insecurities that destroy the inner peace. Awareness of this will empower us to work on our own insecurities instead of blaming our partners for making us unhappy.

So, the question arises “how do we raise our awareness?” and the answer is, “by asking questions”. Questions open us up to reach for the answers that are locked in our cellular memories!

“In these 24 hours, how would I like to invest my time?” You will be surprised at the thoughts that will come into your awareness as a result of your own questions. The key here is to feel for yourself the possibilities that are within your reach in those 24 hours. Quantum physics tells us that an act of observing an event changes the results. This means that awareness is the basis of all change! As soon as we become aware of where you are spending your time, naturally you’ll start working towards changing it.

To do that… Take a paper and pen. Think of an aspect of your life where you require more balance. It could be health, relationships, money or work. Write down the question, “What is disrupting my creativity in this area?” Then without thinking just keep writing whatever is coming to mind. Spend a few minutes just emptying your thoughts on paper. Then hold the paper in your hand and speak the following words with feeling: “I welcome the awareness of these feelings which are creating the current reality that I am living. I am 100% committed and willing to take full responsibility of my own happiness. Thank you”. Then rip the paper into pieces, signifying letting go of any blocks that are stopping you from fully giving yourself to inner peace, creativity, your own divine spark.

As time progresses, if you feel you are lacking peace, you can simply ask yourself, “How can I be at peace right now?” Your mind will look for all the ways that you can be at peace right now and you will start becoming aware of those feelings and things that bring to you that zen feeling.

Step 2: Forgiveness

Awareness brings up all those events and memories from the ‘collective unconscious’ (your personal memory store house) that has been contributing to the undercurrent. Forgiveness, therefore is the best remedy to move toward feeling lighter in mind, emotion and body, regardless of what is happening around us.

The following process allows you to experience light energy coming into your personal space, as you let go of all the old ways…

Forgiveness Process:

Find a quiet place where you can be left undisturbed. Put yourself in the most comfortable position and relax your mind and body by taking a few deep breaths. Now create a picture in your mind where you are on a beautiful beach. Feel the golden sand beneath your feet. Imagine the beautiful blue sea before you. Hear the sound of the ocean, the waves, smell the salt in the air. Feel the sensation of the sun on your skin….

Imagine walking over towards your left by the shore…. as you are walking, you find a piece of driftwood. You pick up that piece of wood and draw a big circle around you. Now think of all the events, memories, people that might have hurt you or your family. Feel the feelings of any anger, guilt, regret, fear or resent. Now create symbols on the sand representing all those feelings, events and people. Fill the entire circle with all those symbols. Then step outside the circle and draw a symbol representing you.

Now Imagine saying the following words: “With love,  I forgive all those who have created pain in me. I forgive myself for keeping this pain. It no longer serves me. I let go of all the judgements, beliefs, decisions that I made which keeps me stuck. I declare it complete”.

As you say these words, imagine a huge wave coming and washing all the pain, the hurt, the anger, the guilt away from your cellular memory and filling it with peace.

Use this process as often as you feel you would like to continue cleansing your personal memory store house.

Step 3: Appreciation

Whereas forgiveness releases all the old memories, events and emotions,  appreciation enhances all the good that you have been experiencing in yourself, with family or friends. You may already be aware of the power of appreciation; it feels as though it enhances your experience, magnifying the connection as you are fully present in that moment. In order to consciously experience this more often, we must start appreciating what we currently have in our lives. Keeping an appreciation journal will make sure you maximise the precious time you have to balance for yourself and share with others.

The more you action these steps on a day to day basis, the more you will find life moving in a lighter, harmonious direction. You will find opportunities to invest quality time as more moments of zentime become accessible to you by creating that awareness and allowing yourself to take the steps you need to live your life on a lighter note, giving the best to yourself and of yourself.

To the women who live and love to mother, I’d love to hear how the undercurrent has turned for you. Be sure to share what changed for you as you applied the processes to living life on a lighter note. Happy Mother’s Day!

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