Girl About Town – Pretty eyelashes in a flash

Girl About Town – Pretty Eyelashes in a Flash.


In a perfect world we would all be born with beautiful long lashes, but luck is in, as you can easily create the perfect lashes from the comfort of your own home. With so many brands and methods on the market, we have found some that you will love and ensure you look your best night and day.

If you don’t fancy sticking on false eyelashes, these are great way to make your eyelashes look longer, without messing around with glue.


Magnifibres are brush on fibres that are applied to your lashes on top of your mascara. The fibres easily enhance your natural lashes making them thicker and longer, then when you come home at the end of the night you can simply take them off with your make up remover.  Thus giving you a night of lovely lashes with no damage to your own lashes.

Magnifibres cost £21 and are available Liberty of London and online


Lash Fibres are another brand that do the same, they elongate your natural lashes through little fibres you brush onto your lashes after your mascara.  In fact if you fancy super glamorous lashes, then just add a few more fibres.

LashFibres cost £9.95 and are available in Superdrug nationwide and

Silk MascaraSilk Fibre Lash Mascara

Silk Fibre Lash Mascara have the perfect mascara and fibre set for you. The Silk mascara set comes in a beautifully designed black and gold case, just as beautiful as your eyelashes will look when you wear the mascara. They really are lash extensions in a bottle and you will love the results. Coat your eyelashes with the mascara and follow up with the fibre. The tiny brush on fibres are black and blend well with the mascara, which is infused with Cold Pressed Certified Organic Argan Oil, leaving you with beautiful long lashes in seconds.

Silk Fibre Lash Mascara is available at Silk of Morocco for £29.95

For those who love the instant look, here are some eyelashes for any budget.

KissKiss True Volume Eyelashes

We love the kiss eyelashes, they have an amazing range of eyelashes that are long, but still look natural. If you are the type of girl or women who likes people to wonder if your falsies are really your own, then you will love these lashes. We love both the Ritzy and Chic lashes, although if you want something a little fuller – they have an option for you.

True Volume lashes are made from 100% natural hair and are tapered at the ends to blend seamlessly with your natural lashes. The lashes come with glue, attach easily and can be reused, keeping your eyelashes pretty all night long.

Kiss True Volume Eyelashes are available at Boots, £4.99

Two perfect lashesTwoperfect Eyelashes

Twoperfect have created a stylish range of beautiful lashes that you can wear again and again. They look very natural and ensure your eyes stand out beautifully. If you like the natural look you will absolutely adore Twoperfect’s Ainhoa eyelashes, they are part of their day range and are made from luxurious silk. What is great about these amazing lashes is you don’t need to add mascara, giving you the perfect lash look with ease. They are made a little longer in width, so you can cut them to your size, but do so bit by bit – so you don’t cut off too much at once. If you would like more of a dramatic evening look, then you will fall in love with the Twoperfect Daria lashes, they are 3D and made of mink. The mink feels and looks divine, wearing them you can’t help feeling special and they will ensure they put the perfect finishing touches to your party look. The lashes come in a beautiful box that will help keep them dust free when you are not wearing them. If you care for them well, you can wear them up to 25 times, so they don’t just look amazing, they are excellent value for money!

Ainhoa are available at Twoperfect for £24.99

Whatever your choice, eyelashes really do make your eyes sparkle.  Enjoy and step out of the door feeling great for any occasion!

By Catherine Lyn Scott


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