Glam Christmas Makeup Look!

Its time to get your makeup popping ready for the party season! I’m going to give you a great tutorial on how to achieve a beautiful Christmas party look in minutes! 

More is not always better, so remember as your applying your red lippy that clowns also have bright red lips – our only difference is application! So if your plan is to be a striking red lipped woman claiming her spotlight at this years Christmas bash follow these simple steps!


Those London Chicks - Xmas looks


First apply your base, a clean even tone. In the summer we tend to apply our bronzer and shimmers quite heavy, well the winter requires far less. The face should be a gentle match to your own skin. Do you know where to test your foundation? Where on your skin? Most people tend to think its on their wrist, the back of their hand maybe.. some even test their foundation colour on the inside of their forearm! these are all wrong. The place on your body that’s the closest match to your face is actually your chest!

Now you will have the perfect colour foundation. After applying your foundation add a little powder to set, remember less is more when applying powder, the last thing you want when leaning in for a kiss under the mistletoe is a face of white dusty powder, a slight breeze could cause a fog cloud and your magical moment would be ruined!

Blusher should then be applied in a circle motion with a large round headed brush, a slight rosy pink is perfect for this look.



Eyes are really important with this look as it needs to be just subtle enough to make a difference but not too much! you don’t want to have that clown look of blue eyes and red lips making you more like a cartoon character then a winter-land beauty. Start with a blue/turquoise powder, you don’t want a dark blue. With a small headed brush dust slightly under the eye from the outer corner to the middle, then on top of the eye just on the outer corner, to make this even more frosty use a white/silver eyeshadow and lightly dust the inside corners of each eye. Use a white eyeliner just on the inside of your lower lashes and to finish apply lashings of black mascara to the top lashes for that wide-eyed look.


Those London Chicks - Glam Xmas Look

Now its time for that all important red lip! Firstly use a toothbrush or a scrub to run gently over your lips, this will just get rid of any dry or chapped skin that might be there! everyone is prone to getting dry lips throughout the winter so its important you do this before applying your lipstick. Next use a red lip liner slightly darker shade then your lipstick to outline the edges of your mouth, then once you have the correct shape start to shade in the lips with the same lip liner – this just helps the lipstick to stay put once its on! Apply your rep lipstick ideally with a lip brush as this really does give you more control of the coverage and shape. Lastly to give your mouth that all important pout use a lip brush to outline your lips with a light concealer, gently blend this into your foundation. This has now highlighted the outside of your mouth making the illusion of larger pouting lips!




Your party look is complete! This frosty-eyed winter look is likely to get a few sparks flying, so watch out for low flying mistletoe!






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