Go Big: Maximalism in Your Home


Minimalism, be gone! Away with your clutter-free, non-existing decor and dull monochromatic colours, your time has passed. Now is the time of maximalism, this quirky display of colours, features, and careful layering, imbued with life and personality like no other design approach out there.

Why the maximalist approach, you ask? Because interior designers have gotten lazy over the years due to the over-popularisation of minimalism and simplicity, so let’s shake things up a bit and give your home the thrilling and enthralling makeover it deserves! Here’s how you can build your interior on the simple premise – more is better.

Every work of art needs a motif

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Much like a thriller with a dubious plotline, if your maximalist interior doesn’t tell a convincing story, you’re just living in a mess. Needless to say, if there is no overarching theme to hold all of the decor pieces together, the whole picture is just going to look sloppy, untidy, and worst of all, it’s going to stress out the observer.

This is why you need to envision the final “product” well before you buy your first Moroccan rug, pink ornate vases, and full-length curtains. What is it that you’re trying to say with this approach? What’s the story about and which furniture and decor pieces are going to be portraying the leading roles? Remember, positioning strong accents in every maximalist setting will be crucial in order to bring the design in and create harmony out of confusion.

Create a colourful foundation


Let’s start with the colour scheme. Much like Monica’s apartment in Friends, you have free reign here and you can mismatch any assortment of hues, patterns, textures, you name it – the maximalist design will allow it. Unlike its minimalist counterpart, the maximalist approach welcomes vibrant colours across the board, so instead of thinking of a neutral foundation for the walls, think of a chic hue that will make a statement.

Of course, you can always opt for a clean white foundation if you plan on accentuating with striking patterns and hues later on, so consider these options as well but don’t forget to introduce that maximalist vibe with an accent wall. Moreover, you shouldn’t be afraid that colourful decor will disrupt the base colours on the walls, as the maximalist design thrives on diversity, so let’s take a look at how to set up vibrant focal points.

Bring the design in with striking focal points


In a minimalist setting, creating a focal point is easy: an island in the kitchen, a freestanding bath in the master bathroom. The absence of other decor elements makes the entire process pretty straightforward. However, with a maximalist approach, things tend to get a bit more complicated.

With all this colour, decor, and overwhelming vibrancy that permeates every room, you need striking focal points that will allow the observer to find their bearings, and preferably gravitate naturally towards them. These can be gorgeous complementary couches in the living room that boast a different hue and finish than the rest of the decor, or a striking bed frame in the bedroom. Following the same mindset, think about how a vibrant backsplash would work in the kitchen, or how a mosaic-tile shower would enrich the bathroom setting.

Preserve symmetry to preserve sanity


Much like in any aspect of life, there needs to be balance and symmetry that preserve order, mental clarity, and happiness. This means that your decor line cannot be all over the place, but that a maximalist setting should enjoy an organised design throughout. How do you achieve this?

Start by scrutinizing the look and feel of the room from the entrance. Does anything feel out of place? Are there places with too little decor while other areas of the room feel cluttered and crowded? Try to spread the elements evenly across the space so that you can bring balance and tidiness into the mix.

An extension of your personality


Finally, it’s important to remember that the maximalist approach, due to its numerous vibrant elements, can deeply affect your emotional and psychological state, which is why you can only create a positive and happy environment by making it an extension of your own personality. This means that the design needs to correspond with your likes and dislikes, and not portray someone else’s wishes. Consequently, this usually means that you’re better off decorating the place yourself, instead of bringing in a professional designer.

Maximalism is making a big comeback in modern interior design, so this is your chance to give your home a shovel-full of life, vibrancy, and positive energy. So, go ahead and fill your home with colour, texture, and amazing focal points that will make everyone fall in love with this unique, bewildering design.

Bio: Cooper Klein is a cool dad in touch with his feminine side. He’s currently working from home as a blogger for SmoothDecoratorand several other sites. You can find him on Twitter.

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