Want to add a bit of colour to your gym wardrobe?


Better step your best legging forward then!

Leggings, leggings, leggings. I used to be of the ilk that they should always be black. Also I was also envious of the girls who would have bought the crazy pair that looked great in store but that I would never contemplate in getting. Now since trialling them for jobs I have very much changed my mind.

Now I am of the opinion the crazier and brighter the better. It also gives me a buzz and a drive to go to the gym as I want to put on my crazy bright blue leggings from Hardtail Forever but I don’t want to be ‘that girl’ who just wears gym clothes all the time but doesn’t actually frequent the gym. So why not(like me)shove ’em on and then encourage my ass off to the gym. Trust me on trying the crazy print. They do actually always look better than you think they will!



If you are not ready for a crazy print then step out of your black comfort zone and try a bright colour legging. That was my first step. A block colour. Something other then black. I know it sounds crazy but honestly it carried my legs off to the gym for me!

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