Gynaecological Cancer: Signs And Symptoms Every Woman Should Know

The Eve Appeal team up with The Pink Parcel to help educate women on the key signs and symptoms the five Gynaecological Cancers.

The video was made by The Eve Appeals Gynae Specialist Nurse and Karen Hobbs their Cancer Information Officer. They run a service called “Ask Eve” where people can call or email with all sorts of Gynaecological questions or concerns. They answer as quickly as possible. 

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Most of The Eve Appeals money goes into funding research into the early detection of the five Gynaecological Cancers. They also deal with raising as much awareness as possible. It’s all about spreading the message of the signs and symptoms, squashing the stigma that surrounds gynaecological health and trying to stop the shame of having a gynaecological problem.

Lets help them spread the word…talking saves lives!

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