All Dressed Up With No Halloween Party To Go To?

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Last Minute Halloween Options

Costume – Check.  Make Up- Check. Dried Blood and Props – Check. Halloween event – ????  Well if that’s the case, then halt your stressing. Those London Chicks have found a few last minute options that aren’t sold out and one of them is  free!

The Classic

Prince Charles Cinema

Where: The Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square

When: Tonight

Price: £5 member, £7.50 non-member


The Prince Charles Cinema in keeping with their Classic Film Season do not disappoint with their choice of film for the scariest night of the year. They bring out the very appropriate (1978 )Halloween. Do you dare watch it at 11pm then have to make your way home????


Definitely not a snooze


Where: The British Library

When: 7.30pm Tonight

Price: £15


Libraries spook us out at the best of times after watching Ghost Busters as a kid! Luckily The British Library aren’t going too Hardcore Halloween and making my fears even worse. They are however holding a funeral themed event. Les Enfants Terribles are the Theatre group who will be creating the experience. There will be live music, , a disco and a special late night opening of the renowned Terror and Wonder exhibition.




Machete Bingo

Where: Shoreditch Town Hall

When:9pm-2am Tonight

Price: £15

For More Info:

Aren’t the random nights always the best? Well this I reckon is the most random suggestion. The Indeedy Musical Bingo Group have created their own unique version of Bingo where instead of numbers on your card, your looking to match songs. This confusion matched with their Halloween additions of creepy cocktails, a “mass thriller dance’ led by The Indeedy Granny Pack Dancers and all set in a haunted house setting is sure to lead to shreiks and lots of cackling.


Pumpkins Light Up The Skies

(Adam Barhan)

 Where: Granary Sq in Kings Cross

When:  Today and Nov 1

Price: Yipee its Free


Now this sounds like the best option to me and it enables you to hit up two events! If you have a pumpkin carved at home and don’t want it to just go moldy in your kitchen then take it down to Kings cross (see exact details on the website) and let it have its 15 minutes of fame being part of a 3,000 candle lit Pumpkin display. If you haven’t carved yours already then head down today between 12-4.30pm for free carving tips from pro carvers. Of course you are also welcome to just head down and view the spectacular temporary installation. Hopefully see you there!

Oops almost forgot on November 1st drop by to collect a free pumpkin, along with a free recipe card from some very kind local chefs!

Enter At Your Peril


Where: The London Dungeon

When: Today until the 2nd Nov

Price: £17.50 Adults £14.95 for children

For more Info:

Bit of an obvious choice but still a great one! With the kids or without! There will be a special charcter around for the evening to make Halloween different from every other ghastly day of the year here. ‘The Master Of Tricks’. I’m not going to reveal what the master will subject his followers to as he guides them around the tombs but I will say it involves more than just the sense of sight! Don’t worry though your usual gruesome characters will still be making an appearance.




Send us your pictures of wherever you go and whatever you decide to dress up as! We love Halloween!