Have yourself an Aromatic Christmas…


Have yourself an Aromatic Christmas

I felt ready to embrace the festive season when the rich aroma of my Xmas cake wafted through the house after 3 hours in the oven. At Christmas time our senses go into overdrive and for me as an aromatherapist it is my sense of smell that craves stimulation and rejoices in the abundance of festive aromas.
My cake of course became the inspiration for my Christmas blend this year – Cinnamon, Clove, Orange and Frankincense. Whilst writing this article my blend is on the burner encouraging and inspiring me.

With Aromatherapy it is the synergy and balance of the blend that is crucial, so for this selection of oils my recommended quantity would be as follows:

Cinnamon – 3 drops

Orange – 2 drops

Clove – 1 drop

Frankincense – 1 drop

This blend is best ideally in a Burner or Atomiser to fragrance your home, office or environment. The market seems to be flooded these days with Atomiser’s and they vary in cost from £5 to £100. Remember less is more in Aromatherapy and between 5 – 10 drops in your Atomiser is ample.
If you do not have an Atomiser you can simply add your essential oils to hot water and place very close to a radiator so that the oils release their aroma with the direct heat of the radiator.
As you become more confident with your blending skills please feel free to play around with my formula!

So, why these Oils and what do they do?

Cinnamon – is a passionate oil and uplifts the spirit. A great oil for those bah humbugs who take a while to warm to the seasonal festivities. The spicy but sweet pungency of this oil uplifts and invigorates.

Orange – its sweet, fruity aroma blends so beautifully with the spicy pungency of the other oils. Its psychological properties are associated with happiness and positivity. As a child, I always got an orange in my stocking and in keeping with tradition I continue to put it in my children’s stocking. Orange is a traditional Chinese symbol of good luck and prosperity and for this reason are presented to friends and family during the new year.

Clove – the image of an orange studded with cloves certainly makes me think and smell Christmas! Like Cinnamon its warm, spicy aroma will banish any lingering winter blues and give you sparkle and zest for the festive season. It can help to restore emotional vitality allowing confidence and creativity to emerge.

Frankincense – As as child most of us learnt that Frankincense is one of the three gifts that the wise men or Kings present to the baby Jesus. Its spiritual and psychological abilities are well documented in Aromatherapy. If the idea of Christmas fills you with anxiety, agitation and worry then Frankincense is the go-to-oil for calm bringing peace to body, mind and spirit.


Wishing you a Happy, Peaceful and Aromatic Christmas!


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