Candle making DIY gift idea….


Homemade Christmas gift idea..

Scented Teacup Candles.


I have spent a lot of money in the past buying Scented Candles… so decided to make my own see original article here for specific details if your new to this.  I found it to be a very enjoyable fairly straightforward process and loved the results. So armed with a new confidence I set about experimenting in the hope of sharing the fruits of my labour. The possibilities and combinations with candles are, I would say pretty endless.

In this tutorial I will take you through making soy candles in pretty teacups sourced from a jumble sale. They make the ideal gift that you can really personalise depending on the need.

With this step by step tutorial I will show you how to make your very own scented soy candles at a fraction of the cost of shop bought. Making the perfect Christmas gift.

Lets start with what you will need :

candle-makingEco Soy Wax

A double Pan

Essential Oils of your choice

Wicks (I used pre soy waxed linen and cotton blend)

A food Thermometer

Glue dots

Wooden spoon for stirring

Teacups,containers or Jars

Wooden sticks (or anything like a pencil to keep the wick in place)

A heat source: stove…(some people use a microwave).


Prep your room temperature vessels with glue dots and stick the wick stays to the bottom of it. I used pre dipped cotton and linen blend wicks. Then place your sticks to secure the wick, they will melt once the wax is poured and you want to achieve as straight as possible a wick for your your candle.candle making instructions

For easy measurements of soy wax, simply double the amount of wax per vessel. Pour into pan and heat stirring continuously. Be sure to keep a close eye on the melting wax, you don’t want it to burn. Once at the ideal melting point roughly 75c  add the colour of choice and continued to stir to mix in well. Your candle wax will come with specific instructions from the manufacturer on the ideal melting temp and the pouring temp. I took the melted wax off the heat at 75-80 c. Let it cool a couple of degrees, then add the Essential Oil and give it a good stir. The suggestion for a good ‘scent throw’ is 6-10% of the weight of your wax. So for 1KG it will be 60-100ml bottle of essential oil. Stir well to even out the distribution of oil.


setting-teacup-candles-pink-soy-wax-christmas-gift-ideaLay newspaper down on your work surface beforehand close to where your are heating the wax. Carefully pour the wax into the teacups, I use a small jug to decant the wax because I’m clumsy!! Any spillage, wipe immediately to save scraping them off later. You will start to see a change in the colour of the wax fairly quickly, they are not set. Try not to move or fiddle with the candles, looks can be deceiving…they will crack!! Cover with a card board box. You don’t want the wax to cool down too quickly, this allows foray change in temperature of the room. Leave overnight undisturbed if possible.


Cut the wick… your candle is set. Now you can start to really get creative with the labelling. You can use ribbon, parcel string or thin rope to hold the label in place. I got inventive with the labels using recycled card for a ‘rustic’ homemade feel. I stuck white recycled card to right the label and an “om” stamp, which seemed fitting for the relaxing ylang-ylang essential oil I used. But you can get Christmassy with a warm cinnamon essential oil and sparkly labelling using glitter.

Whatever you decide to go with by way of vessels, oils or labelling I’m sure the recipient with be very happy, as it’s made in the spirit of christmas……with love!!


Give it a go!

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