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SPOIlER ALERT – If you are like my boyfriend who won’t even read the back cover of a dvd box then just go and watch this as it is definitely worth your time. If however you would like to know a little bit about it then read on!

I must admit I sat here staring at the keyboard not knowing quite what to write. Not because I was struggling to find anything good to say but instead because it was so good in so many ways, I was not quite sure where to start, and I didn’t want to give away anything. Wanting to make sure you got the same full effect of watching Rashida Jones’ masterpiece as I did.

WARNING- If you have a daughter you may not ever allow her out after viewing this documentary or allow her on the internet! I know I would struggle.

This brilliant documentary if you haven’t already heard about it focuses on the ‘Teenie Boppers’ who enter into the world of porn. Walking into a job they believe will be a career, only to discover that it will be a lot shorter than they planned. In all honesty I had no idea of how short peoples careers were in porn and also the numbers of people choosing it as a path to follow. I was of the very misguided judgement that the majority of women/men/teens entering porn were doing so out of having no choice. Coming from difficult and troubled backgrounds. People without a supportive network behind them but this film turned that view on its head.

hot-girls-wanted-2Predominantly following the journey of Teresa a promising head cheerleader from Texas, we discover the draw, reality and realistic ending to a career in the porn industry, in particular ‘Amateur’ and Internet Porn. Teresa being one of the ‘lucky’ ones who has a support network and understanding boyfriend guides us through her journey of ‘the industry’.

I have personally read several reviews saying that this documentary states the obvious. That it would only be of any use if it were played to Teens at school as deterrent. I disagree. I believe we need our eyes opening every now and then, we need our empathy pathways to be kicked back into gear and to realise how many people are being exploited daily in ways which will affect them for their whole lives. The ever growing internet and Google database means the choices we make as kids, our discretion’s are no longer able to be left in the past. Someone somewhere can pull up your deepest darkest secrets and if like so many of these girls your choice was to dabble in porn then maybe you will never be able to be a teacher, or doctor or police woman or have the fear that if you were able to leave it behind and create a family that it may be ripped away from you at any point.

I feel I may be sharing too much so I will just say WATCH IT and share what you thought with US

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