How Does Pregnancy Affect Your Dental Health?


Oral care is important in every stage of the life. Its significance grows more during pregnancy as it then also concerns with the life of the baby to be born. Naturally, would-be mothers should take more care of their teeth and gums so that their baby does not face any health negligence. Dental care during pregnancy is also important as studies have established a link between periodontitis and premature birth. In fact, advanced gum problems during pregnancy could even lead to the risk of low birth weight among babies. Plus, all the hormonal changes during pregnancy and presence of more acids in the mouth could harm the dental health of the baby.

Pregnancy can affect your dental health in more ways that you think, including – 

  1. Gingivitis

When you think of the most common dental problems during pregnancy, gingivitis is easily the first name that crops up in your mind. People suffering from this gum problem either have tender or swollen gums, and their gums may bleed when they brush. During pregnancy, gingivitis is less due to oral hygiene concerns and rather more due to the presence of progesterone hormone in the body. So, you can consult the dentist if you find those symptoms and get treatment for your gingivitis.

  1. Loose teeth

Pregnancy in some cases may also be marked with the presence of loose teeth in women. Here too, the problem is not due to any dental misalignment concerns, but rather due to high levels of progesterone and oestrogen hormones in the body. These hormones can grow in levels during pregnancy and can even affect the bones and tissues supporting the teeth and dental structure. That’s why pregnant women may experience loose teeth which they can get treated at the dentist.

  1. Periodontitis

You should know that pregnancy is the time of a lot of hormonal changes in the body. Most of the hormones are acidic in nature, which is never a good thing for dental health. Some of those hormones can cause periodontists – the advanced stage of gum disease where swelling and infection in the gums and bones may appear. The very infection could weaken the firmness of your tooth structure and make the teeth appear loose. So, don’t ignore your dental health concern during pregnancy to ensure better overall health to the baby.

  1. Pregnancy tumours

Tumours during pregnancy are quite common and they are not always the reason to worry. Lumps can get formed on the swollen gums and they are not cancerous in type. Plaque is responsible for these tumours and when the white layer is on your gums, bleeding is natural. If these tumours persist beyond pregnancy, you then must see the dentist for help. In general, it takes a small surgery to get such tumours removed and minimize dental health risks to the baby.

  1. Tooth decay

The acid present in the mouth due to hormonal changes during pregnancy is never good for the health of your teeth. Some of them can also lead to enamel erosion which ultimately forms the basis of premature tooth decay. And with more acids during pregnancy, the risk of tooth decay is always greater among pregnant ladies. More so, expecting ladies also have more acid due to the routine morning sickness and those bouts of throwing up. You however can consult the dentist to know how to minimize the risk caused by the presence of acids in mouth.

In overall, pregnancy is never an easy period as far as dental health is concerned. It’s thus advised to be in touch with the dentist nearby and avoid serious dental health problems.

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