How to be successful

To Be, Or Not To Be? That Is The Question:

When you think differently, you do differently. You can decide to be or not to be a positive person. What I will share with you will change the course of your life. It’s not magic, it’s as simple as choosing to think a particular thought which will create a particular action and help you make a positive change to your life. Thought’s create things!

Take a moment to contemplate what the majority of us think about when we wake up every morning? We run our to do lists in our heads instead of our to be lists. The most successful people in the world call the first hour in which we wake up ‘THE GOLDEN HOUR’. The way successful people use this first hour of the day changes the success they have in their lives.


While most of us become conscious we think about what work we have to do that day, have we paid the mortgage, have we packed everything for the kids school lunches, did we send off that important email last week and when does that all important presentation have to be in. While we run through these to do lists, we start getting ready for our day under pressure which usually leads to feeling stressed for the rest of it. Have you ever had one of those mornings where you wake up realising how much you have to do? You jump out of bed, stub your toe, get tooth paste on your suit and then the inevitable happens, the car won’t start, your late, your flustered and the rest of the day goes down hill from there. While most of us accept this as ‘just one of those days’ there is another group of people, most of which happen to be the best business men and women in the world, with huge companies to run and a thousand more chores to get done in their day than we could imagine. These people use the golden hour not to run the endless to do list in their head. Instead they wake up and ask themselves one of the most simple questions you may ever hear: WHAT AM I GRATEFUL FOR?

‘Every day set your mind in the right direction. Find something to be grateful for.’

– Joel Osteen


Start your day with this thought, this one simple question and while you get ready run the list of everything you are grateful for in your head. Try it now, see how it already changes the way you think which will change your next action and literally improve your day. What am I grateful for? The house I own, the partner I have, my boss, the money I earn, the job I go to, the children I have, the car I drive, my healthy body etc. Do this for the next month and as you do watch out for the changes that take place. Run your ‘to be’ list each morning and have an attitude of gratitude. The question is who do you want to wake up and be?

‘Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings’

– William Arthur Ward


to be or not to be

I hope you have a great day!


Mhairi Calvey



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