How to Create a Beautiful Plate of Food


We are officially in the throws of holiday season, and with it comes celebrations and hosting duties galore. One of the most fun, out-of-the-ordinary ways to impress guests is to master the craft of plating food. Plating is a carefully thought-out artform, and executive chefs from all walks of cooking use plate presentations to entice eaters before the food even hits their lips. While it may seem intimidating, you too can easily create a beautifully executed, restaurant-ready plate of food for your next holiday get together.

Invaluable created this fun infographic that details 9 masterful tips on plating and features mouth-watering examples. It includes everything from choosing the right sized and shaped plates to breaking down which tools will produce the desired effects. Practice plating before your big gathering so that you can best execute when the time comes. And remember, less is more!


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