How to Create a Dog-Friendly Garden

People say that a house without a dog isn’t a home, and while that’s just a catchphrase, it’s also one of the truest things in the world. Yes, having a big house and a huge backyard is amazing, but just imagine how much better it would be with an adorable little schnauzer, retriever or Irish Setter running around. A dog can make all the difference in your household and turn it into something extra special and amazing for you and your children. However, before you get a dog, you need to prepare your backyard, so here are some of the steps you should take while waiting for your furry little friend to arrive.


Provide enough space

Being confined in closed spaces and not being able to run as much as they want is the worst thing for any dog, which is why providing enough open space is supposed to be the first task you should handle.

Declutter your backyard, remove all unnecessary furniture and other things you might be storing there, as well as any sheds or storage spaces that aren’t absolutely vital. This way, you’ll get a ton of new space without having to spend a lot of money – but, if you’re a fan of backyard renovations, don’t be afraid to invest some cash into creating a nicer area for you and your new dog.


Increase protection

Most people spend a considerable amount of time baby-proofing their home before the arrival of a newborn, which is quite understandable and highly needed, but think about doing something similar for your dog as well. Dog-proofing your property will ultimately make a huge difference in the experience your puppy will have, so start doing it as soon as possible.

While things are quite easy inside the house – it ultimately all comes down to fitting new locks on cupboards, keeping oven and fridge doors closed at all times and buying lots of chewing toys that distract your dog from attacking the furniture – the garden is a whole other story. You have to ensure your fence is high and strong enough, protect your plants and vegetables, as well as start closing your gate so that your dog doesn’t escape.

Maintain the backyard

No matter how nice your backyard is, you need to continue maintaining it regularly if you want your four-legged friend to feel welcomed and at home. That means mowing the lawn once a week, trimming the hedges, cutting down shrubs and bushes, and, most importantly, removing old trees that present a hazard to your dog.

If you can’t decide whether a tree is too old and about to fall down, be sure to contact landscaping experts who can give you a hand. The same goes for chopping down and removing these trees. Doing this on your own is quite all right, but you might want to ask someone for help, which is why more and more people turn to trustworthy landscapers from Sydney who can take care of all your tree problems and create a safe area your dog will certainly appreciate.



Build a doghouse

You can’t have a dog without a doghouse, unless you want it to sleep in your own bed – that could be cute and interesting for a night or two, but definitely isn’t a sustainable solution in the long run. Therefore, find a spot in your backyard for a doghouse and build one on your own. This project is neither expensive nor too hard, and knowing you’ve provided your pet an adequate shelter will make you love it even more.

First, make sure it’s large enough to give your dog enough maneuvering space and keep in mind that larger dogs require larger houses. Next, decide on the style, find some inspiration online and start building! In the end, give your dog a proper introduction to the new home as soon as it arrives and you won’t have to worry about muddy paw marks in your living room any more.


Other ideas

Some of the other things you should do while preparing your garden for a dog include fixing the fence, adding new hinges to your gate and creating a suitable potty area.

By Emma Joyce.