How to DIY the Ultimate Home Office

How to DIY the Ultimate Home Office

Now we all know that one of the last areas in our homes to get a much needed makeover is usually the home office. Often situated in a dark corner and often seen as more of a necessity than a pleasure to work in, there are many reasons why this space commonly lacks the attention it needs. However, there are also endless reasons as to why it’s important to make this space the most functional and aesthetically pleasing as possible. If you want to make sure that you have the most productive day when working from home, we are here to give you some great DIY tips that you don’t need to hire a designer for!


It’s not uncommon to be limited on space in your home office, that’s why clever storage solutions are a must. Luckily, desks do tend to involve sitting down, creating a huge amount of usable wall space. Instead of using this space to hang large pictures, We suggest hanging some shelving, creating a space for you to store books & files as well as placing the odd family photo here and there.

Shelving can also be used to give you some extra desk space. Simply hanging a single shelf slightly above your desk will create a platform for your monitor as well as adding some much needed storage for books or files. Shelves are also a great & easy solution for us “DIYers”. All of the materials for hanging shelves can be purchased from your local Hardware shop or online, Just remember, it’s a good idea to use a spirit level!

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There are endless ways to accessorise your home office, but most importantly it’s essential not to over do it. It can be tempting to use this space in your home to store all of your household decor that you don’t have another place for, but the key is to keep it minimal!

Many studies have shown that clutter negatively affects productivity and mood, and whether it be that something has sentimental value or you may be just a bit of a hoarder, everyone has a tendency to create clutter in their space from time to time.


There are a few key pieces that we like to implement when it comes to home office decor, plants being one of them. Having a bit of greenery in your working environment does wonders for both aesthetics & also your air quality. In a space where you would normally be disconnected from a natural environment, plants also tend to help satisfy that basic human desire to be connected with nature. Interestingly, it’s also been proven that looking at nature can help to put your brain in to processing mode, encouraging more creativity and productivity.

Desk Accessories

As we mentioned before, it’s important to keep things minimal but there are a few essentials when it comes to your desk. Most importantly is keeping things organized. Ensure that you have your essentials easily accessible to you in an organised fashion. Items such as pen pots are easily DIY’d from old tin cans & a bit of spray paint.

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Ofcourse, it is not only important to consider the looks of your home office but also its functionality in itself, and within your home. It’s really easy to get carried away when you are trying to create the ultimate space & sometimes it looks great but isn’t fit for purpose.

Be Flexible

Make a list of which items are a necessity & which would be a luxury in your space, this will help you to declutter and in turn reorganise your office. If you are working with a small space this really is an essential step to achieving a productive and pleasant environment.

Flexibility in your furniture items is also a must, especially if working with a small space to start with. Consider multifunctional furniture such as a desk with additional storage or shelves with hooks to suspend your pen pots & other office essentials.

Another easy DIY is to screw wheels in to the bottom of your desk and other office furniture, this will enable you to shuffle things around occasionally. Being able to move your office space around, placing your desk by another wall, creates a fresh environment and can work wonders for productivity and creativity.

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