How to Keep Your Home Spotless at All Times

No matter where you live and how big your home is, keeping your home clean at all times should be everyone’s imperative in this day and age. This might not be the easiest thing in the world, but if you get organized and know what you’re doing, cleaning your home shouldn’t be too hard. You just need to do this regularly and meticulously, dedicating as much time to this process as you can. If you too need some help keeping your home spotless, here are a few ideas that might go a long way.


Create a schedule 

In order to get this done on time and without wasting too much energy, you need to come up with a unique schedule that will give you an opportunity to do everything you want to do quickly and successfully. Your schedule needs to be planned in as many details as possible because that’s the only way to make sure your home is spotless at all times.

First, define when you’re going to clean your home – doing this once a week is a must, but you need to clean priority areas like the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, as well as the kids’ room and the nursery, more frequently. After that, come up with the order of spaces: start with the largest areas and clean them first because these will require the most energy and time. Finally, figure out how much time you can dedicate to your cleaning on a weekly basis and then calculate how much time you can dedicate to each room. This will make your cleaning faster, more detailed, and more efficient, which is why this is such a great idea.


Define problem areas

We’ve already mentioned that certain parts of your home need more attention and care than others, and these are the areas you should focus the most. These are the areas where you spend most of your time – i.e. the kitchen and the living room – or where your children hang out – the nursery and the kids’ room – which is why these spaces need to be absolutely spotless at all times. Not all people consider these areas to be the most important, which is why identifying your own problem areas before you start cleaning is very important.

Once you define these areas and understand why cleaning them more frequently is so vital, you can introduce this factor into your aforementioned schedule. Instead of cleaning them just once a week, do that two or three times a week and pay more attention every single time you’re doing that. After just a month or two, these problem areas will look amazing and you’ll be happy with the progress you’ve made.


Use the right supplies

One of the biggest problems most people have when it comes to keeping their home spotless is the fact that they don’t know which supplies to use. They usually stick to water and simple home-based solutions they’ve made on their own, and while that’s a great way to be creative and eco-friendly, these supplies aren’t always enough.

That’s why choosing professional solutions is an idea that can go a really long way. These were created by experts who know what the best ways to clean your home are, so don’t be afraid to trust them. For instance, you might try out practical hydrophobic coating for glass that will make all glass surfaces in your home – from windows and doors to glass tables and showers – absolutely spotless.


Get some help

Doing all these things on your own might not seem like the hardest thing in the world, but keeping your home spotless can be rather hard and tiring. This is why getting some help is always a great idea – not only will you finish sooner, but you’ll also show your family the value of cleaning.

This is particularly important if you have kids. Getting them involved in the cleaning process can be useful on several different levels, and you’ll teach them why it’s important to keep their room clean and organized. This is a valuable life lesson they’ll never forget, so encourage them to start helping you clean right now!


Keeping your home spotless is a long and tedious process, but if you do it right, your home will look amazing and you’ll be proud of it – and that’s what all homeowners want!

By Emma Joyce

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