How to… make Coconut Oil Body Scrub


How to make ….Coconut Oil Body Scrub.

Coconut Oil Scrub
The perfect gift!



We all the importance of exfoliating especially if you live in a city with all it’s pollutants! At this time of year it’s almost an essential part of maintaining healthy glowing skin. What with slathering on sunscreens and moisturising, exfoliation is the perfect way to unclog your pores and remove the build up of dead skin cells. As we age the process of skin regeneration slows down and it it takes longer to re generate new ones. The build up old skin cells can leave the skin looking dull, dry and rough not to mention an increase in excess oil clogging the pores.

With this in mind many companies have come up with some great products but all at a huge price tag. I’m all about utilising what’s in one’s kitchen cupboard to achieve the same if not better results!! ( You know exactly what you’re putting onto your skin). I wanted to share a super easy recipe for a Coconut oil body scrub that can be adapted to your taste and preference, I’ll list the alternatives/modifications in the recipe.

The main ingredient for this scrub is Coconut Oil. In the last couple of years we have a greater understanding of the incredible benefits of raw organic coconut oil topically and internally. If you want to know more about the variety and uses click here. The exfoliating ingredient is sugar, brown sugar to be exact. It is soft enough to do the job but avoid damage to your skin.  What is great about the combination, is once you slough away the dead skin and unclog pores with the sugar, it opens the way for the oil to penetrate more deeply into the skin.

I do like to add a little used coffee grounds specifically as a cellulite treatment…yes, I do sometimes have it…The caffeine in the coffee stimulates blood flow in affected areas, it also adds a different level of exfoliant as the grounds a slightly courser. For more detailed info on the uses of used coffee grinds see here. If adding the coffee used grounds it does hinder the shelf life a little because of the small amount of water from the coffee. I suppose you could completely dry it out before adding….

 You will need:

Ingredients for Coconut Oil and Brown Sugar Scrub

1 cup of Raw Organic Coconut Oil I used Lucy Bee.

1/3 Cup of Brown Sugar ( you can use Raw Cane Sugar) slightly coarser.

1-2 tsp of Runny Honey

3-4 tsp used coffee grounds (optional)




Place coconut Oil into a glass bowl and whip with a wooden spoon. Then proceed to add the sugar slowly in order to achieve the right consistency for you. Then add the honey and mix or rather fold. It is at this point I add the coffee grounds if I’m making a cellulite or foot scrub. Fold together to ensure even distribution of ingredients. That’s it! One gorgeous Coconut Oil Body Scrub at a fraction of the cost of shop bought!

Four simple steps


Coconut Oil Scrub-2

This Body Scrub also makes a perfect gift! If making for a gift, just get some airtight glass jars, string or ribbon and some labels. Be as creative with the packaging as you desire and with what’s available to you in your home. i found some cute jars from IKEA for the silly price of 4 for £1. They are the perfect size especially if you’re on a budget, it’s always nice to spend the money on Organic ingredients. Quality over quantity right?

This is also a great one to take on holiday to use after long days on the beach. Store in a cool place.

NB. When using in the bath or shower take note that it will make the standing surface slippery.


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