How to… make Lavender Body/Foot Scrub

How to make…

Relaxing Lavender Body/Foot scrub

It’s Summer!! Want to get your skin glowing and of course get your feet sandal ready? This gorgeous Lavender body/foot scrub is so easy to make, as it only has 4 choice ingredients. It’s a great addition to your beauty/wellbeing routine but also they make terrific gifts! It doesn’t break the bank to produce and yet packs a powerful punch in it’s ability to do your body a world of good.
At this time of year with this lovely weather we’re wearing a little less clothes, this gorgeous scrub is a FANTASTIC exfoliant for your skin to help look and feel great!



I love Lavender, always have and probably always will. It’s one of the most versatile herbs and essential oils in the world. Most commonly known for it’s relaxing effect on the body but there are a whole host of other beneficial uses for Lavender including aiding aching muscles, general skin health, acne treatments, migraines or headaches, tension the list goes on and on…. It’s also likely that this essential oil will already be in your cupboard just crying out for a body scrub recipe like this to use it for. If not, good quality Lavender essential oil isn’t to expensive to purchase. It also has a wonderful smell, making it a perfect choice for a body scrub.

The wonders of Epsom salt have been well known for hundred of years. It’s unlike other salts it has beneficial properties that can soothe your mind, body and soul. There are countless values to Epsom salts such as relaxing the nervous system, curing skin problems, soothing aching limbs and muscles and reducing inflammation. Studies have also shown that the sulphate in Epsom salt help to flush toxins from the body. The magnesium ions begin to relief stress by promoting serotonin production.

And Organic Sunflower oil as the carrier. I used this oil for several reasons. Firstly it’s not as thick in texture as some other oils. You can substitute for another oil such as jojoba or grapeseed if you wish. Secondly, it’s scent is light enough not to clash with the Lavender. But most importantly, it’s rich in vitamin E, which is great for the skin as it is specifically related to improving skin health and regenerating cells.

You will need: 

Untitled  1 cup Epsom Salt

10 drops of Lavender essential oil

1/3 Cup of Organic Sunflower oil to every cup of salt

1 teaspoon of vitamin E oil

Dried Lavender herb (optional

Here are the easy steps to creating this scrub.

Step one work out the amount of Scrub you wish to make and using the ingredient/quantity guide above add salt to mixing bowl. Add your oil slowly as you may find you want or require a different consistency to this, mix. Then add your vitamin E oil, because this oil is so thick you really will have to mix well to fully disperse into mixture. Then add dried Lavender ( this is optional) but I really love the colour addition and smell of the real thing. Mine is from my garden! Then mix well…at this stage you may want to add a little more oil, again it’s about making this right for you. That’s it!!

Then spoon into air tight glass jars….I found the air tight clip jars from ikea. They look great and retail at under a pound each. I’m making some for myself as well as lovely little gifts. Decorate your jars according to taste, at this point you really can get creative with whatever you have around the house. I  used some recycled paper, which I tore (for a rustic look) into pieces and stuck some cream writing paper int them so I could label the scrub clearly.

If using as a foot scrub for callouses and hard skin on your heels, my suggestion is to firstly soak your feet in a bowl of warm water for 5/10 minutes (relax). This helps to soften cracked or dry heels. Then use the scrub on your heels, the grains of salt are wonderful for getting rid of hard skin created by wearing sandals or pounding the pavement in flip flops!!

It’s perfect for your entire body…. For cellulite or if you have back acne or rough patches on your upper arms. Or if you just enjoy giving your body a treat. This will exfoliate and moisturise and leave you with silky smooth skin. Oh and a totally relaxed state of mind! Really…. it’s gorgeous!


N.B If using in the shower or bath be careful as this scrub does contain oil which could make the standing surface slippery.
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