How to Organise a Small, Intimate Wedding With a Touch of Class


How to Organise a Small, Intimate Wedding With a Touch of Classs

Not everyone wants to have an enormous French castle reception with 200-plus guests on their big day. And that’s great. A large traditional wedding is not for everyone. The costs of that are ridiculous, to begin with. And the fact that you can’t possibly treat all the guests with a smile and a chat adds on to the chaos. Furthermore, do you really know 200 people who you really want to attend your special event?

Small and intimate weddings provide an opportunity to make the planning less stressfuland place more focus on the details. They allow for the guests to get to know each other better and for you to actually be yourself around the people who love you.

So, if you want to organize a small wedding without compromising on the glamour, here’s how to do it.

Consider a destination wedding


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Have you always dreamed of saying your vows on a pearly white beach, to the sounds of waves crashing on the rocks? Perhaps you’ve wanted to tie the knot in a tiny Sicilian village or an old Irish castle? All of this is going to be made possible with the money you’re going to save by cutting the guest list. Shooting off to a special, intimate place will give your wedding an instant sense of class and make it unforgettable.

Or choose an unconventional local venue


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Every town has that one restaurant ballroom where most couples choose to get married. And when it comes to popular venues all around the world, you wouldn’t be surprised to see couples nearing physical confrontation as they try to snag the same date. Why would you just be one of the many? Think about the special places your city has to offer. It can be a movie theatre, art gallery, botanical garden, library, a charming café, or something similar.

Make sure someone is there to capture the moment


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You’ll surely remember the day you said “I do” to the love of your life, and to help you cherish the memory, you’ll certainly want to invest in a talented wedding photographer who can understand your needs and wishes. When you look back, you’ll know it was more than worth it.

It’s essential to get to know the photographerbefore the event. That way, he or she can help make you relaxed in front of the camera, learn what moves you as a couple, and look for all the nuances to capture. If you opt for a destination wedding, don’t leave it to chance, or you’ll likely end up disappointed. Instead, find a destination wedding photographer who can follow you on your journey all the way.

Be more thoughtful with your entertainment choices


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For a large reception, you need to hire a good DJ or a cover band that will play all the dancefloor hits. But for a smaller occasion, you can allow yourself to organize entertainmentyou will feel comfortable with, especially if you’re not really a big fan of popular music. For example, you can have someone playing Spanish guitar, which will create a romantic atmosphere but also allow the guests to continue chatting. You can hire a mariachi band, jazz musicians, or a string quartet… The possibilities are limitless.

Make the menu more interesting


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This might come as a surprise to you, but the menu is one of the things that sticks the longest in the guests’ minds after the very event. When it comes to a large party, you probably don’t have the luxury of experimenting with the dishes because of the price, and even less so if you’re trying to please everyone. With a small celebration, on the other hand, you can have fun with the wine-cheese pairings, exotic cuisines, dessert tables, etc.

Personalize the décor


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A bunch of tables requires synchronized décor, which doesn’t leave you a lot of space to devote attention to details. On the other hand, a banquet table or a small number of individual tables allow you to personalize the décor – and not only according to your personal tastes, but also with a more intimate approach to each guest. You can arrange the seating for each guest by using their favorite vinyl records as name cards or table numbers, for example. Also, you will have time for handwritten thank-you notes and individualized menus.

Party on


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One downside of small weddings is that the guest will probably leave right after the cake and you won’t have the chance to dance the night away. However, an opportunity lies here. Once the parents, aunts, and neighbors are out of the picture, you can gather your maid of honor and best friends and hit the nearest club.

As you see, the beauty of intimate weddings is that they allow you to tailor everything according to your wishes and style. If you sprinkle some class on top, you can’t go wrong.

By Sarah Kaminski

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