How To Wear Bracelets: 7 Stylish Solutions


How to wear bracelets?


This question asked by many woman. Photos of fashion bloggers and tips in glossy magazines sometimes cause contradictory impressions: on the one hand, this can inspire creative experiments, on the other hand, too avant-garde options are sometimes difficult to imagine in everyday images. Therefore, women have no choice but to rely on their own intuition and sense of taste. To know more about the style you can also view Bracelet World

Perfect tandem

One of the main trends is the combination of a bracelet and a watch. The duet “will take place” if the accessories are designed in the same style, and the watch will be organically incorporated into the overall design of the resulting jewellery.

In order not to be mistaken, the easiest way is to focus on the material of the watch and its strap. Depending on this, you can choose a gold, silver or leather bracelet.

So, with large “men’s” watches, design bracelets with geometric details or chain bracelets will look great. But the classic women’s watch is better to complement more delicate jewellery, for example, bracelets with pendants.

In full view

Handmade bracelets became a novelty in the world of jewellery along with phalanx rings. The original accessory has already managed to evaluate the most creative women of fashion, for example, Sarah Jessica Parker.

The bracelet on the palm is put on the hand just above the knuckles and, of course, cannot fall. Most often, the decoration is combined with a ring of a similar design or worn by yourself. In any case, it is important that the accessory attracted attention and not be lost among kilograms of metal.

However, the decoration has one little trick: with a romantic cocktail dress the bracelet will look elegant, but with more bold outfits it may resemble brass knuckles. Consider this so that the effect meets expectations.

Boho style

The very idea of ​​multi-layered products is as old as the world: at least remember Indian women or ancient Egyptian women. Now stacked bracelets are another undeniable trend.

Along with gold and silver, other materials are used to create such jewellery, for example, rubber or leather. A multi-layered decoration can be “assembled” independently, wearing several bracelets at once on one hand. Products can be combined in texture, design and color of stones, can be supplemented with chains or charms.

This approach allows you to experiment, creating bold images every day. The main thing is that the combination of jewellery looks like an artistic mess, and not like a bad taste.


After sleeves

Most of the year we are forced to wrap ourselves in warm sweaters. How to be in this case?

Do not give up your favourite accessory. If the sleeve of the sweater is not flared and does not have a decorative finish (embroidery, lace or print), a hard bracelet can be worn directly over the sleeve.

The decoration can perform the function of a cuff or “hold” a rolled-up sleeve. Either way, a hard bracelet worn around your wrist will accentuate the elegance of your hand.

Colour play

Do you have a bright bracelet, and you do not know what to combine it with?

No need to purchase expensive accessories to match, just buy nail polish of the same colour.

The combination of a bracelet with a manicure will be a spectacular and very economical option. A stylish decision will certainly attract attention. Even if you prefer multi-layered combinations, it is enough for one of the bracelets to match the colour with varnish.

However, you should not overload the image, putting on the volume of bright decorations. Hard bracelets with enamel, which will be perfectly combined with varnish, not only in colour, but also in texture.

Choosing such a solution, pay attention to the silicone bracelets, which will make the image more dynamic and creative.


Such famous designers as Christian Dior, Roberto Cavalli, Chanel and Alexander McQueen unanimously declared that wearing bracelets on one hand remained far in the past. The main trend is two identical jewellery, worn on both hands.Fashion designers provide freedom of choice: it can be both wide rigid bracelets from gold or silver, and more volume jewellery with inserts.

Two in one

This is a great solution for those who want to look relevant and do not care about how to harmoniously combine a bracelet with a ring.

By Jenoline Sneha


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