KB’s Search For The Best Burger!


So as anyone who knows me knows. I am a huge lover of Sandwiches. The best burger being the king of Sandwiches means I am a wee bit burger crazy.  So I thought seeing as I try so many, why not start letting other Chicks know which are the places worth having your treat meal at!

Randomly my first entry to this column will be a small little hot spot in the South West. No worries dolls I am London based so most entries will be from home ground but you never know when you might find yourself by Exeter cathedral feeling a little peckish and reluctant to join the queue of locals at KFC.

Enough waffle. Down to business!

Ok. So, HUBBOX is randomly situated just off the main stretch of high street, sandwiched between a peacocks and a charity shop. Facing a few market stalls. This I can imagine would put most people off but if you are without Pooch and can sit inside I would advise it as as soon as you are in this rough and ready Those London Chicks -HUBBOXdiner themed space, with the smells of the Big Kahuna and pulled Pork monstrosities being floated past you easily forget the exterior. I feel like this little haven is almost a slice of London that someone has literally cut a slice from the cake of Soho and plonked it down on the low shelf on the cake trolley of Exeter. Now don’t get me wrong, if you haven’t visited Exeter it is a must. The Cathedral is beautiful, the town is modern yet with lots of hidden gems like the ‘House That Moved’, The Secret Door, The City Wall, cobbled streets etc

It’s not like HUBBOX would look right on  the Cathedral green either I just feel its more unique and special than the chain burger restaurants featured on the main high street and it would be nice for it to be sandwiched between two more stylish establishments. However thank god it wasn’t as it already had queues out the door.

We nabbed a table outside as we were with dog. Buddy Stylish as ever was in his GAP Christmas jumper that got him featured on the GAP instagram and twitter and means we got stopped at nearly every bite to be commented on. Despite his now celebrity status we and dapper dress we were still not allowed to eat inside. To be honest we didn’t want to wait the 45mins outside for the seats inside like all the other people we just wanted to refuel. Yes, I know, crazy and makes no sense.

Now I share with Buddy. He is spoilt yes, I know. I also can’t eat a huge amount in one go so we work well together. We ordered

Classic Cheese
7oz burger with a choice of – Cornish blue, Davidstow cheddar, American or Swiss cheese

and Wills ordered

Big Kahuna 
Two 4oz burger, BBQ pulled pork & Swiss cheese & Onion Rings


hubbox menu normal




As you can see from the Menu the prices are basically like London. I think the burgers were great but it is slightly overpriced even with Exeter being the capital of Devon. The burger is a good quality, the bun is also a high standard so honestly it’s not so overpriced that I woouldn’t return.



They were perfect in size for a full meal, for me anyway. Obviously Wills whose nickname was ‘Fliptop’ said he could have eaten two but then neither of us had fries or a drink. I have been there once before and had the fries and they were fine. No complaints. My only complaint is that they don’t sell Sweet potato fries, as if they had I’m sure we would have over ordered and probably made ourselves sick on them!

I am like a Chef’s nightmare. I like meat overdone if anything. So I ordered mine Well Done whereas Wills got his medium. Both were cooked to perfection. For those real foodies out there you will be pleased to know Wills joins me on most meals and he has a slightly more sophisticated palette so you will also get a more respected view of the food.

The fillings were just the correct amount so you could taste everything and nothing was over powered by one ingredient. I tried Wills’ kahuna and was very impressed by the Pulled Pork topping. Not only for it’s amount but also for the fact that it wasn’t the sickly tacky version of pulled pork that so many laces offer. It’s like may places get it from a packet just so they can say they have the latest fashion food.



The wait was the 30mins we had been quoted, which was irritating as it is Winter now but we made the choice and we knew the consequences. However once the food arrived none of us even remembered the 30mins at which we had to make conversation. Instead we hoofed down our delightful meals in lest than a 1/4 of the time it took to make and arrive.

All of the staff I encountered were friendly,polite and helpful despite being rushed off their fit and not being able to be in one place for very long.

Having had a look at their website I just leant that they have a special Christmas menu. The

Buttermilk fried turkey, crispy bacon, Monterey jack cheese, & cranberry mayo.

Is making me want to drive myself straight back down the M5!

All in all, a good experience had and definitely a place to hit up if you are in the South West area!


And Just incase your interested here is the Christmas menu!

Those London Chicks -HUBBOX








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