Hydrate your Winter Skin

Prepare your skin for winter.

Winter is here! The temperature has dropped, it’s time to switch the heating on and wear a few more layers to keep warm. It’s also the time of year I find I need to change my skincare routine in preparation for the chilly months ahead. Unfortunately our faces go through some serious stress. Exposure to the elements, the harsh winter winds in particular, pollution, plus the effects of central heating all have a big impact.



Whatever your skin type, you may find at this time of year your skin is generally a bit thirstier. You may even find your make up doesn’t last as long? That’s probably because it’s dehydrated and drinking up your makeup.
Now we all know dry flaky skin is not a good look! So there a number of things you can do to keep your skin glowing through the winter months. A good basic skincare routine is essential all year round, but her are a few suggestions you can follow this winter.



Let’s start on the inside… Hydration is key. I don’t know about you, but guzzling cold water all day can be a bit of a chore to say the least! But keeping yourself hydrated is really important for your skin and overall health. When it’s cold, I like to sip warm water and lemon throughout the day. It helps to cleanse your system and keeps yours cells hydrated. Do the pinch test… If you press the pads of your fingers, do they spring back or leave a dent? If they leave a dent then you need to drink more water!

You’ve heard it before, but cleanse, tone and moisturise! It may seem like the basics, but these simple steps will make a big difference.
I like to use water on my face and prefer a cleanser I can rinse off using mitts or a cloth. In the winter I like to change the texture. So, instead of a light gel cleanser, choose a creamier/milk version suitable for your skin type. A cloth will also help lift off the days make up and dead skin cells. After cleansing, toner is important as it corrects the skins PH balance. If you ever get the tight skin feeling after cleansing, you definitely need to tone.

Even though your skin does a good job of regenerating itself, it can do with a helping hand getting rid of those dead skin cells. Using an exfoliator once a week is enough as you don’t want to strip the skins barrier and make it sensitive. Try a non grain version such as the Sothys gommage. It will eat away at dead skin and peel off leaving you super smooth. Choose a moisturiser that a little richer in texture but suitable for your skin type. Not only will it give your skin a drink but it will create a barrier protecting the skin from the elements. Last bit no least, treat your skin to a hydrating masque once a week. If you feel like you have oily areas, you can use something absorbing on the T-zone and hydrating on the rest of your face. These are great because they can be deep cleansing and intensive thus giving your skin a good drink!


By Angela Parkinson




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