I Believe in You • A Poem


I believe in you and your dreams

You can achieve them no matter how hard life seems.

Emotions high, emotions low let that negative energy go.

Dig deep and go within unlock your heart and let love in.

Raise your vibration up and beyond, reach for the

Stars, Moon and Sun

When you get there, you will see that loving yourself will set you Free….

By Pamela Thompson

pamela-thompsonLife Coach & Holistic Therapist

Little bit about me: –

I am a Life Coach & Holistic Therapist I have a passion for supporting people to gain a deeper understanding of themselves. I use a system called Soul Plan which looks at the very essence of your life purpose, exploring the talents you hold and the goals you seek to achieve to fulfil your true potential. Following my own Soul Plan Reading I was able to unlock my creativity and express myself by way of writing poetry which I titled ‘My Expression’.

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Featured image by Jenna Hamra on Pixels: