Wondering if my skin will fit in

Slide to the side

Not recognised

A ruck sack on the tube

Will you sit next to me

Do I confuse and unsettle

Where to put me who am I

Like to call me names

Tell me my ancestry

With no idea of the family tree

Cut it down and reclaim it

Make it out to be what you name it

To be



What are you?

This country will never accept you

Says the man at the corner shop

In broken english

I can be anything you want me to be

I am the original chameleon me

Grew up in a house of fists and screams

Made me adept at not falling apart at the seams

So what a little upset

A dark alley way

A strange way

You look at me

Watching my moves

Looking at my curves

Making me feel like a piece of meat

Zigzagging as I walk home down my street

In case that look wasn’t what I thought it was

Was what I thought it was

I can be anything you want me to be

I can blend in any place I need to me

I can be whatever I need to be to keep the peace to keep it calm to keep it safe to keep my space

To negate my race

I can pretend and refrain and deny myself my needs just so to be

This land my playground

This body my home

This face my homeland

This voice my own

This whatever that never fits in

This nose too big

This skin too olive or


This me not quite a fit for you, for this, for us, for ever for time for this land for who

I can be anything me

Amber Agha


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