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I Love My Mum is a completely bonkers ‘Road Movie’, I mean that in the most positive way. 

It’s skilfully written and directed by award winning Alberto Sciamma who gave us films such as Killer Tongue, La Lengua Asesina and Blood Trap. It stars Kierston Wareing as Olga (Fish Tank, It’s a Free World) and Tommy French (Luther, Eastenders) as Ron her son.

Beginning in Tilbury, in a run of the mill flat above a shop. I Love My Mum introduces us to the appetiser of this tasty film. The flavour. Serving up the first hilarious visual gag. Ron on a roof hanging upside down by a telephone wire trying to fix a TV aerial. While Olga shouts direction from the comfort of a sofa scoffing a sandwich unaware that her son is hanging by a thread. Cut to: CREDITS.


The film starts as it means to go on.

After a heated row about cheese, the hapless pair unwittingly end up in a freight container bound for Morocco. Clad in dressing gowns, pyjamas and slippers they arrive penniless, passport less or without documents. How do they get home?

That is the question…

Olga’s sense of fun and bad behaviour coupled with her sensible, conservative son Ron are the perfect ingredients for a comedy duo Laurel and Hardy style.

I Love My Mum has a slapstick feel with slight difference to the formula. Sciamma’s clever writing has the straight guy stooge being equally as funny.

Packed to the brim with classic physical/visual comedy. There’s little to no let-up in terms of pace, ridiculousness or laugh out loud moments.

…I Love My Mum is hugely entertaining…

The duo find themselves in very compromising situations. Including being stranded at sea with life jackets being the only thing keeping them afloat. Entering a Karoke competiton with the hopes of bagging the first prize cash.  To getting involved in an international drug smuggling ring! Oh, and many more.

Olga and Ron need each other (whether they like it or not) to get out of their predicament. This relationship is the bedrock of the film. We watch them bicker, make up, not speak, say too much, get embarrassed, judge. Hustling their way through Morocco, Italy, Spain then into France to get back to the UK.

Throughout the film we see a slow and steady acceptance of one another. A repairing of their “can’t live with them, can’t live them’ relationship. As an audience, we fall in love with them, faults and all.

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Kierston Waring has a reputation as an outstanding actress and her performance in this is no exception. Tommy French a new-comer to film, his brilliant work is sure to make him a name and face you’ll see a lot of in the future. Their comic timing, chemistry, together with their slightly heightened characterisations are what make this film. The film also boasts a perfectly formed international supporting cast. All of which beautifully add to the richness and fun.

Between the comedy turns, the film offers some incredible cinematic shots of ‘wish you were here’ landscapes, sea, mountains. From Marrakech, Tanger and the Pyrenees all beautifully captured by DOP Fabio Paolucci. With a fantastic toe tapping soundtrack by Massimiliano Lazzaretti to boot. It’s pure unadulterated escapism.

I think I Love My Mum is hugely entertaining, especially if you enter in to the spirit of the film. It’s a farce. It takes you from one improbable situation to another. But that’s its charm. We live in particularly troubled times and this film is 84 mins of respite. It has certainly come at the right time.

My advice is to go with it, there you will find much pleasure, relief and plenty of belly laughs!

Go see it, you won’t be disappointed!

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Reviewed by Karen Bryson

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