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Il Gusto miniture gift sets.

We all have that friend who has almost everything… What do I get them? I hear you cry. Well we have a couple gorgeous gift ideas. That won’t break the bank! We at Those London Chicks are huge fans of Il Gusto products. They have a fantastic range of two brilliant Gift sets. Oil and Vinegar and Summer Gin Set.

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This is the perfect time of year for both of these fantastic sets as gifts. Or dare I say it, for yourself. You are allowed to treat yourself once in a while. Once you try these little bottles of deliciousness, you’ll thank your self later.  Indulgence casually or wow your party guests this summer!


There’s something about cocktails that scream summer. Il Gusto have have paired the best accompanying flavours to their gin to offer up 8 glorious flavoured gins. They can be enjoyed just with tonic and a slice. But for the little more adventurous add a few ingredients to make your own cocktail. It’s super simple as the combinations are already there.

I experimented with making my own lil Gin Cocktail.

I used fresh strawberries liquidised and strained. Together with Il Gusto’s Rhubarb Gin. A fairly traditional flavour combination. Just added Soda water and served over cursed ice. Delicious.

The brilliant thing about the Summer Gin set are the variety of  flavours. They aren’t necessarily something you might usually try. For some reason this gift box cajoled me into getting a little experimental. I was terribly pleased with my fruity cocktail and only allowed my husband a sip! Yes, I can at times be a little… greedy. I think I have purchase to full size version, so I can share the joy.

The Oil and Vinegar set, what a treat. 8 bottles of delicious flavoured oils and vinegars. 4 oils and 4 vinegars.  The flavour combinations means you can jazz up the simplest of dishes. A real treat to add depth of flavour to most things. With vinegar it’s always best to add to plates after the cooking is finished, in otherwise mild dishes (nothing spicy or heavily seasoned), so it can shine on its own. Or with food that doesn’t require cooking. These oils can be used it to flavour meat like chicken, steak, or fish. Great for the barbecues!!

Did you know balsamic vinegar can be used in deserts? I thought I’d just put that out there.  Think Strawberries and balsamic perfect with Il Gusto’s Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar and a spot of cream. Oh, so summery!

Great together as a pre starter with fresh bread or a as a snack. They work extremely well with any raw vegetables so perfect for salad dressings.


Here is a little recipe for my favourite vinaigrette:

Minced Shallots

1/2 teaspoon of Dijon Mustard

Il Gusto Olive Oil with Lemon

Mango Balsamic Vinegar

I alway add a secret ingredient of a teaspoon of Mayonnaise ( it acts as an emulsifier, helping the oil and vinegar to mix)

A little black pepper to taste

A pinch of salt

A glass bottle ( if you want to keep in the fridge for the week the mayonnaise helps with keeping it fresh)

Whisk and that’s it. Simple yet delicious!!


Oil and Vinegar Set Price £24.95 Purchase HERE
Eight bottles of 40ml, containing one each of the following extra virgin oils and vinegar.

Pistachio oil
Hazelnut oil
Extra virgin olive oil with truffle
Extra virgin olive oil with lemon
Raspberry balsam vinegar
Mango balsam vinegar
Apple balsam vinegar
Calamansi balsam vinegar   – this is a Philippine Lime.

Summer Gin Set Price £29.95 Purchase HERE
Eight 40ml bottles of premium gin, containing each of the following fruity gin liqueurs:

Elderflower Gin (26%)
Strawberry Gin (31%)
Cherry Bakewell (31%)
Rhubarb Gin (25%)
Violet Gin (25%)
Turkish Delight Gin (26%)
Blood Orange Gin (31%)
Pink Grapefruit Gin (31%)


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By Karen Bryson 

Editor in Chief


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