Immune boosting smoothie


Immune Boosting Smoothie

If like me you are avoiding catching yet another of the bugs that are going around. This is the smoothie for you!


It serves to get you back on your feet if you’ve suffered. Or, staving off the dreaded lurgy if a family member has it. Kale and Apple pack a punch in terms of immune boosting power….an apple a day keeps the doctor away… But Sage really takes cold fighting to another level and is the hero in this smoothie. It is known to reduce fevers, chills and the body ache one feels at the start of a cold. Research has also shown that it improves brain function, so can help with the slight brain fogginess when cold symptoms start take hold.

IMG_1726-1We’ve probably all used sage to season savoury dishes. Or even burnt dried sage to “smudge” your dwellings to purge negative energy. But Sage has incredible healing properties especially when consumed raw. It’s rich in Vitamins A & K . Due to it’s high  antioxidant capacity, sage can help protect the body’s cells from damage by free radicals which can result in impaired immunity…thus leaving us vulnerable to a cold. Sage belongs to the Lamiaceae (mint) family, it’s scientifically named Slavia Officials, which is derived from the Latin word Salvere which means “to be saved”.Maybe that’s a really useless piece of information but I found it rather fascinating considering it’s immune boosting smoothie….Oh and when I had the bug I really did want to be “saved”…lol!!

The flavour of Sage is delicate and “interesting”as it’s a flavour one doesn’t quite expect in this context, unless you drink sage tea. So I’ve added a Date to the Smoothie for some sweetness (optional). You can really taste the goodness in this Smoothie and I found it to be a great help. It certainly beats all those sugary so called solutions that are mass produced and sold in chemists!


date-spinach-kale-apple-sage3 fresh Sage leaves stemmed

1 small Apple 

1/2 cup Spinach

1/2 cup Kale

1 table spoon Ground Flaxseed

1 Date pitted (optional)


Cut and stem the Sage. Core the Apple and cut into small chunks. Pit and slice the Date if you choose to use one. Put the ingredients along with the Spinach,Kale and Flaxseed with the addition of water. If using a NutriBullet fill water to the Maxline. If using a blender add as much to create the desired consistency.  All Done ready to drink!!


By Karen Bryson

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