Interior Inspiration: Blocking Out


Interior Inspiration

We all need some colour in our lives, particularly when the weather is oh, so bleak…. I have been admiring some projects of late that have embraced a monochromatic scheme (not to be confused with black & white). James Turrell’s quote articulates my feelings on these spaces: “I like when you feel like you arrive in a very different place, with a different ordering of the reality you normally think of.”

Wanderlust in Singapore has a floor dedicated to pantone shades, named after song titles; this beauty being called ‘Blue Monday by New Order’. Blue in colour psychology terms, is the colour of calm and serenity, so this has gotta be a good thing, right? This beautiful print by Cristiana Couceiro might just be the inspiration to get you started…

Normann Copenhagen have recently revamped their flagship store which now includes an all pink gallery… This space feels soft and sumptuous; the sharp, mirrored exhibition blocks alongside the glossy floor keeping the balance intact, resulting in an alluring space with a futuristic edge.


The Louis Pretty Deli in Berlin was inspired by David Hockney’s painting ‘A bigger Splash ‘and designed collaboratively by Philip Mainzer, Oskar Melzer, Paul Bauer and Farah Ebrahimi. The bold burnt orange rendered wall is a backdrop for the banquette seating, just a shade lighter; paired with the bright laminate tabletops this gives the illusion of a swimming pool surface. The designers wanted the space to feel fresh and unique, and this in my view, was a success!