Interiors- Coffee Culture


Interiors: Coffee Culture

Coffee houses in London are abundant. With so much choice the hunt is on for us to find not just the tastiest coffee, but the most inviting spaces in which to revive ourselves…Art & Coffee often go hand in hand, so it is not surprising that combining the two is a success, one of my favourites being Tina, We Salute You (above)…a coffee / gallery space in Dalston which allows local artists to not only exhibit, but re-create the  interior & exterior walls every two months or so.


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If you are looking for sophistication, the answer is Vivo, located on Upper Street in Islington. The interior of Vivo expertly combines sleek finishes with warm lighting to create an ambient yet contemporary space, setting it aside from the many offerings available nearby. Perhaps even more appealing (now summer has decided to grace us with its presence ) is the spacious roof terrace, which has a high exterior wall, resulting in a space that feels private, with pockets made for those hushed conversations…Kin, located in Fitzrovia, was a design collaboration between their in house team and Etre (creative interior design firm). Combining beautiful fixtures with a clever maximisation of space, Kin feels fresh and un-cluttered, the aesthetic successfully matching their desire “to indulge in honest, fresh and healthy food in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.”


P.S All of the above serve incredible food too!



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