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‘Is It Any Wonder?’ is the brand new track taken from the striking north London music act Antigoni’s forthcoming debut ‘A1’ EP.


Featuring thought-provoking lyrical content and topical themes, the stripped back track is a song about social media pressure and the negative impact it can have on people, from those who might be dealing with mental health issues on a daily basis to people who might consider themselves to be confident and mentally strong.  The song touches on how social media has the ability to bring insecurity and doubt into our lives and how we should not feel alone.



Bringing this to life, the track is accompanied by a simple yet effective visual which features an array of personalities from different backgrounds, ages and professions, to illustrate the fact that everyone can be affected by what they see on social media.  Olympic Gold medallist swimmer Rebecca Adlington, Good Morning Britain presenter Sean Fletcher, MOBO Awards founder Kanya King CBE, model and founder of the Unibrow Movement Sophia Hadjipanteli and Tobi, one part of the Sidemen YouTubers are just a few of the names who appear alongside Antigoni in the must-watch clip.

 Speaking on the track and its visual, Antigoni said:

“I actually love social media as it’s an amazing way to connect with people, share your talents, be creative and store our best memories. But though consciously we all know it’s a highlight reel, subconsciously it’s easy to forget that when you’re having a bad day and you see other people’s lives looking perfect on Instagram. On those days when I feel crappy and insecure and then scroll through Instagram and see people looking flawless I tend to forget the effort I myself went through a few days earlier to get a ‘good’ photo to post! It is so easy to compare and to get sucked in and feel bad about yourself.


It goes even further than just appearances too, like for me I’d wake up and scroll through Instagram first thing in the morning and be inundated with what other musicians are achieving and compare it to myself and what wasn’t happening in my own life & I’d end up feeling deflated before I’d even got out of bed! 


The message in the song is not saying everyone should stop posting nice pictures of themselves and  their good times, because I don’t believe that at all. Everyone loves to glam up sometimes and take a picture when they feel good and to share their achievements and we’ve all got a right to do that. It’s just trying to remember that it is people’s BEST days, their BEST moments, their BEST outfits & learning not to compare it to our own worst days or even just normal boring days!”


The third track released from her upcoming debut EP, ‘Is It Any Wonder’ follows on the heels of her recent tracks ‘2 Steps’ which she wrote with singer-songwriter Nicola Roberts and was inspired by Lauryn Hill’s classic ‘Doo Wop’ and beats from the golden era of soulful Hip Hop and had a BBC Introducing radio play, and the cheeky and relatable ‘Boosting’. Out later this year, the five-track EP will feature more new music, showcasing Antigoni’s top-class, autobiographical and sharp style of song-writing and her unique, powerhouse vocal, which saw her signing a publishing deal at 14 and catching the attention of the likes of Mark Ronson, DJ Premier and legendary songwriter Dianne Warren who told her ‘yours is the voice I hear in my head when I write songs’.



With such stellar endorsements so early in her career – and with an upcoming sold-out show at The Waiting Room in London on 25th February and the release of more new music throughout the year – there is no doubt it will not be long for music fans and press to catch-on and help Antigoni to take her talents to the next level, across the UK and way beyond!

 ‘Is It Any Wonder’ faces

  • Steph Elswood (@stephelswood) fitness & health influencer. Started her instagram as a recovery from bulimia page. Runs dance events called ‘Stay Sassy’ focused on empowering women. Often speaks on mental health & impacts of social media
  • Rebecca Adlington (@beckadlington) Olympic Gold Medalist, swimmer.
  • Chris Jammer (@chrisjammer) founder of Strawberries & Creem festival. Model
  • Sophia Hadjipanteli (@sophiahadjipanteli) Unibrow Movement. Model. Often speaks on mental health & impacts of social media
  • Montana Brown (@montanabrown) previous Love Island contestant. Recently ran a Mental Health Panel
  • Kanya King CBE (@kanyakingcbe) Founder of the MOBO Awards
  • Tobi (@tobijizzle) one of the ‘Sidemen Youtubers’ (@sidemen) Youtube accounts (TBJZL & Sidemen) has spoken about mental health https://youtu.be/HSGi5BOwoNQ
  • Sean Fletcher (@seanfletchertv) Presenter on ITV’s Good Morning Britain’s BBC Countryfile, Panorama. Writer for Telegraph & Huffington Post
  • Ashley James (@ashleylouisejames) Influencer, presenter & DJ. Has a ‘no retouching’ policy for her instagram
  • Mary Hammond – vocal coach: Chris Martin, Adele, Jess Glynne and many others
  • Charlie Kristensen (charliekristens) young boy who was badly bullied at school for loving musical theatre. ‘Cheer Up Charlie’ was a thing going around online with loads of famous musical theatre stars sending him videos to cheer him up & support him
  • Haris Seoudy (@harisseoudy) Models1
  • Chris Kkoshi (chriskkoshi) singer, lifestyle
  • Autumn X (@theautumnx) singer/songwriter/artist
  • Georgia India (@georgiaindia) designer, founder of INDI The Label (bikini brand), creative consultant, fashion blogger
  • Kat Henry (@kat_v_henry) Ms GB finalist 2020, Ms International Curve ’17, Ms British Beauty Curve ’15
  • Rakaya Fetuga (@rakayaesjme) spoken word poet, speaks on empowering women, part of ‘Nana’ a spoken collective made up of 4 black, Muslim women
  • Zeno Buxton – Antigoni’s brother
  • Aurelia Michael – Antigoni’s cousin
  • Aviana Petrou – Director’s daughter
  • Devaughan



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