Jaqueline of All Trades, Mum of one

Casey Hill

My name is Casey Hill and I am a career hoarder. I don’t know if it’s a result of being self employed and therefore financially insecure but I am perennially being ‘something else’. I am professionally an actress, a dancer, makeup artist, hair stylist, model, writer and swimming coach to name a few. Most recently I have added the big fat job of Mum to this list. How are there enough hours in the day I hear you ask?! Well, sometimes there’s not.

I want to do it all. Not in the clichéd feminist way, but in the ‘I’m greedy and want to experience all the world has to offer’ kind of way. I guess I’m a massive FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out for you not so cool kids) I don’t want to tie myself down. It’s so refreshing doing something new each day. I’m lucky enough to be able to flex all of my creative muscles and stew in their juices. On the flip side, when you are a card carrying Jack-of-all-trades you never quite excel in any one field. I am often racked by bouts of jealousy. Constantly seeing other people succeed in any one of my passions makes me think that maybe if I had more focus that could be me.

But then, I imagine taking a fulltime job, as a makeup artist for instance, and I break out in a rash. The fulltime makeup artist thing is actually something I am truly having to consider. It’s the baby’s fault of course. I wonder if now I’m a mumma I can really be unemployed for three weeks at a time then suddenly have a day when I start coaching at 6am, run to an audition in West London where I pretend to eat strawberry yoghurt with 45 other blonde 30 somethings, and finally race to catch a train to Manchester to makeup a 15 year old Eastern European model until midnight. It’s physically and mentally exhausting.

In the same vein this column of mine currently has no particular direction. I considered writing about being a mum in the city, a beauty file, travel blog or maybe I’ll just let my mental diarrhoea splatter across my screen…! I guess you’ll have to log on again to see.

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