This year I have my look sorted…Jumpsuit Time!

Jump to the beat…It’s Jumpsuit time!

Au revoir 2015 and your bad-ass self! 2016, I’m ready for you, so let’s start you with a bang…New Year’s Eve aka Party, PARTY TIME!!
I’ve been blessed to have experienced and celebrated New Years in a variety of ways. From romantic meals for two to a ten-course banquet (tough, but I managed). From hugging and kissing complete strangers in Trafalgar Square (mis-spent youth) to raving it up at the nightclub du jour, not to mention copious house parties around the world.
This year, I celebrated the arrival of 2016 with my girlfriends at an event in Camden and rather than wear a tried and trusted frock, or go with a new item that ended up being the focus of my night, preventing me from enjoying my time, I’ve decided to don a jumpsuit.

The benefits of a jumpsuit include:

  • It does suit any shape/height/size. It really doesn’t matter about your body type, this item flatters everyone.

  • With the right accessories such as belts, shoes and scarves the same jumpsuit can serve you for a casual day or glamourous night.

  • They come in all textures and styles. From denim to cotton to rubber (gulp) you are spoilt for choice.

I’m guessing you would rather not dislocate a limb when taking off the garment? In that case, make sure your jumpsuit is not skin-tight. A jumpsuit always looks more glamorous and polished when it’s draped loosely over the body, skimming your curves. A cut like this will allow a rather lovely silhouette and also help prevent the horror of camel toe…never a good look.




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So now it is 2016 and we have committed fashion faux pas over Christmas and seeing in theNew Year lets not make the same mistakes and don that Jumpsuit for an easy effortless elegant night out look!


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