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Looking for a “something slightly different” night out? Well, we at Those London Chicks have a recommendation of just the place!!

Everyone loves to gatecrash a private party…  La La is like the best private party ever, with all those personal touches you love, but this time you’re definitely on the guest list! La La Piano Bar is a cross between the famously cool salon clubs of New York, and the atmospheric underground cabaret bars of Berlin.

live-music-londonLa La are one-off nights throughout the year. For a nominal fee you’ll be guaranteed to be bouncing home after experiencing this unique, dare I say it…”Event”.
The evening is hosted by David Roper, formally of “4 Poofs and a Piano” and lovely Lady La La. Pretty much a dream team with their warmth, wit and hospitality they feel like old friends.
What is it they say? Singing is good for the soul? Well at this place, not only do you have the opportunity to listen to singers from all over the country. But there is a good old sing along too! The performers range from various West End stars to well seasoned singers, making sure you have a different encounter every time!! Trust me, I speak from experience.

live-music-londonThey have been serving up these great piano bar nights at Jewel in the heart of London’s West End over the past two years. If you couldn’t get enough, they now have a bespoke New York style service, offering a pop-up piano bar, which can travel. They take any venue and transform it into a stylish and glamorous piano bar lounge and fill it with La La’s unique atmosphere and entertainment. They can tailor the ‘piano bar’ to fit in with any event including charity, corporate galas, product and marketing campaign launches, lavish weddings, anniversaries and staff parties. They ensure “your event will be remembered for all the right reasons!”
All events will be hosted by David Roper and Lady La La, with of course a wealth of talented and personable singers of all genres. Together they can bring their diverse talents to your event. Guests can have the satisfaction of singing alongside music professionals. They have inclusive and entertaining games, which can make it interactive and fun for all. La La can even write a bespoke song or choreograph a special dance for your occasion!


Sing-alongs are extremely popular and get everyone up on their feet and totally involved with the occasion. Singing with live piano feeds the soul and gives us a sense of belonging as well as giving quite simply a fantastic night out.


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