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Last Vegas! 

When the movie came out in 2013 it ticked four boxes for me; namely; Freeman, Kline, Douglas and DeNiro. I thought ‘this is going to be epic!’ My excitement at the prospect of these acting heavyweights together in one film was palpable, but no sooner the feeling surfaced, it was met with an immediate sinking and somewhat dreaded concern ‘But what if it’s bad? Four older men in Vegas? I dunno…..’ It was enough to stop me going to cinema. More fool me. Netflix, being the champion at choosing great cinema titles, had ‘Last Vegas’ showing in their spotlight addition. lastvegasI looked at the faces of the four men. They wouldn’t let me down, surely? Anyway, it was Valentines and the gods that be wouldn’t be so cruel. I was certain the odds were stacked in my favour.

Billy (Michael Douglas) is getting married to a woman nearly half his age, he informs Archie (Morgan Freeman) and Sam (Kevin Kline) of his good news on three way calling, even I can’t do that, Archie suggests having a stag in Vegas, that’s where Billy is planning to get married. The men agree this will be a great idea, Archie is living with his son and his family, following a stroke and is being treated like a child, Sam has switched off from his wife emotionally and physically and needs to recharge but the only problem is Paddy (Robert De Niro).
Billy and Paddy had a massive falling out which has left things frosty between the pair but Billy feels he can’t have a stag without Paddy.
Well, you’ve seen the poster and you know the premise so needless to say, all men end up in Vegas for Billy’s stag. It is everything you would expect from Vegas, gambling, clubbing, strippers, fighting and of course lots and lots of boozing.


On arriving, the men come across a jazz singer by the name of Diana (Mary Steenburg) all the men fall head over heals for her. She joins the crew of motley men and is able to hold her own.

Every cast member is strong in his own performance, and form a wonderful ensemble. Dan Fogelman has written a subtle, yet stunning film, that is humorous and thoughtful. Jon Turteltaub’s direction is sharp but you can’t help thinking what a blast they all had making this movie.

An incredibly enjoyable film that made me laugh, tear up and laugh some more.

‘Last Vegas’ a risk that pays off.



By Chantelle Dusette

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