Aromatherapy for London Chicks • Lavender


Aromatherapy for London Chicks…Lavender

I knew instantly the essential Oil I wanted to pay tribute to for my first article on Aromatherapy for London Chicks. I have just returned from a visit to Grasse stocked up with the Freshest, Sweetest of Essential oils; everyone’s favourite and most versatile…the forever reliable Lavender.


In the aromatic world of Aromatherapy, Lavender is my soul mate, I remember buying my first bottle to help me overcome opening night nerves. It was also the oil that my daughter loved to smell when I was training to become an Aromatherapist. ‘Mummy it’s like sleeping with your eyes open’ was how she described it made her feel when I massaged her after bath-time. It’s gentleness making it perfect for mother and child to bond and find calmness together in that special bedtime routine.

Aromatherapy can be enjoyed by both young and old. My ninety two year old nan loved having her hand massaged with Lavender blended with a little geranium. To her, the smell was nostalgic, evoking memories of childhood, a reminder of her gardening days when the garden was ablaze with the purple hue of aromatic flowering Lavender.
And now ten years later I am once again asking my own mum to smell the lavender oil that I have bought for her from Grasse, to fragrance her new room at the dementia clinic she has gone into. Lavender helps with anxiety, stress, nerves, all the emotions I knew she would be experiencing but unable to vocalise. To have no sense of smell is called Anosmia and supposedly in the early stages of dementia many sufferers lose their sense of smell. All I know is that when she smelt her essential oil, the complex relationship between the brain, aromas and memory wasn’t important, she simply smiled. To me this is Aromatherapy at its best; pure and simple!

By Kirsten Kitchen

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