Less is more, unless it’s a red lip.

We at Those London Chicks were inspired by our recent ‘Inspirational Women’ feature with the talented Ruby Dolls. The amazing close part harmony theatre group complete with the obligatory red lip, creating instant vintage glamour! We felt we had to give a nod or curtsey to the classic makeup mood enhancer the red lip.

The classic red lip is exactly that for a reason, instantaneous sophistication and universally flattering. It’s a look that never goes out of style. It’s sultry, sexy and bold. Wear it when you’re feeling daring, in a 1950’s pencil dress. Or to brighten up a jeans, t-shirt and killer heel combo to unleash your inner rock chick.

lip montagelip montage 2


Picking the right shade that suits your complexion is key. For dark/olive/tanned choose orange/red tones, for paler go for blue/red tones.

In Vogue or not we at Those London Chicks will always love a red lip!!


Less is more, unless its a red lip....



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