Let Intrigue Be Your Guide


Let Intrigue Be Your Guide

Intrigue…a word which captures the imagination. A word which within itself suggests there is more…a hidden discovery to be made.

Seeing the world and each other through the lens of intrigue allows for expansion; which invites development of the psyche – of the soul and heart. The mind will need to rationalize, but within the decision to view the intrigue and not speculate from known values and beliefs, the opening has now happened which allows the new observation to, if persuasive, capture a corner of our mental field.

Intrigue is very much a mental-physical connection. The opening of the psyche, from the destination of increased learning and growth, automatically creates a corresponding ‘opening’ in the physical body. The frame of the upper body and shoulders lift and open, the head is held slightly higher, eyes raised…noticing. Whilst these are just subtle alterations in viewing, the compounded effect is of greater awareness and engagement with life generally.

Much is advocated of curiosity and holding a curious view of the world, and whilst similar, intrigue differs slightly. It is more powerful and more…effervescent. Intrigue pulls the person in, creates inclusion and a sense of connection with what is being discovered. The discovery is personal, unique to oneself and deepens the sense of self. Whilst curiosity can of course create any of these sensations, it tends to be held at a distance, extoling a separateness between oneself and the curious in itself. Intrigue by contrast grabs our hand and takes us on a journey.


When intrigue captures our imagination, it creates the beginning of a new adventure of the soul. The intrigue from an encounter, an experience or situation – one usually hard to comprehend, and which makes no rational sense – is what enables the expansion. The soul speaks through inquisitiveness – a gentle suggestion that more is on offer than we might at first see – with no need or retribution. The soul never admonishes or pushes us to something, but hovers ahead of us, calling, enticing and inviting us forwards. This is intrigue.

We have moments in our lives when intrigue will not feature: when we need to sort a situation, create through action and are in the midst of untangling the unnecessary and superfluous – the accumulation of time spent doing and entrenched within the known which has become our past. But as the ground clears, as the air sweetens and we notice the increased lightness, the soul will re-engage – can become heard. When we feel the beckoning of brightness, this is the time to activate the essence of intrigue – to adopt a new lens through which to see our unfolding reality. And the beauty of intrigue? It will only take us as far we are willing to go. It will never take us outside our comfort zone, but to the edges of our understanding, offering a viewpoint to peer from, to see how the soul desires and finds its flight.

We work and operate best from the place of relaxation with optimal attention. This, coincidently, is what happens to the body when viewing from this state. Intrigue creates relaxation in the body as it engages the hormones of pleasure and comfort. It is timeless, never-ending and soft. The permeating sense of inner connection aids well-being and, whilst being wholly singular and personal as a perception of our reality, also creates feelings of inter-connectedness with the world around us. It takes us wider, deeper and higher from where we currently stand. With intrigue there can be no wars or discord. Just growth towards greater peace. And who would not want more of this?

By Delilah Sullivan

Spiritual Mentor – Well-being Coach – Energy Practitioner – Author of: The Teachings of Mr P.

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