Let your style represent your personality


Let your style represent your personality

When we’re teenagers and young adults, we want to be noticed and appreciated because of our uniqueness and style. Still, as years go by, people spend less time on planning their clothing combinations and shopping for something that they like. The whole process almost becomes automatic. People try to blend into their surroundings, at work for example and clothes lose their creative and personal value. But is it all just because we age and mature, or is all that just an excuse so that we don’t have to deal with our own unwillingness to put some effort into our outfits?


Importance of personal style

Your own fashion sense has many meaningful aspects. When you wear clothes and style up the way that speaks to you and that you enjoy, you’ll feel better, happier and more confident. Moreover, different clothing bits and pieces can significantly influence the way we feel about ourselves and boost motivation and energy effectively. Also, if you let your style represent your personality, you’ll be able to be more open to others and show the world an immediate impression of who you are. It’s perfectly normal that you have to follow certain dress code at work, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t spice up your outfit and make it more true to your personality and sensibility.

Pop of color for mood boost


You most definitely have a favorite color that suits your personality, fashion taste and skin tone. While, your work might deem this pop of bright color inappropriate, you can always freshen up your look with nice flattering outerwear in that particular color. For example, if you simply love how color red makes you feel but you can’t escape the neutrals because of work, cute red coat can always make you feel better and connected to your own style.

“Play with details… you can make any plain outfit personal with the help of accessories…”

Get motivated like in the old days


Do you have to wear plain boring clothes even when it’s your free time outside of work? Highly unlikely. But people simply lose interest in whatever makes them unique when they start immersing themselves in their work and responsibilities. Take a moment to relax and do something that makes you happy and fulfilled. If you want to find your previous motivation and spirit, why not hop into that casual Harley Davidson tee that you used to love so much? There’s no one to set the fashion rules in your free time but you.

Show what you want to the world


You know deep inside what impression you want to leave on other people. And if you’re not happy with the way your outfit looks, if it’s not something that truly inspires you, you won’t be able to get your message across. Of course, physical appearance is just the top of an iceberg, but it still significantly shapes your own behavior, posture and attitude that translate to others. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to accentuate your best features in front of other people with a girly skirts or elegant lace dresses. Also if you like fitted clothes, don’t shy away from them. If you value casual vibe the most, go for it. Don’t forget who you are and what your chosen clothes can say about you.

Play with details

You might not be able to rock absolutely everything that you find attractive when it comes to clothes, especially if you like a bit more extreme styles, but you can always accessorize. You can easily make any plain outfit more personal with the help of jewelry, bags, scarves, belts, brooches, etc. For example, if your own style is more on a dark gothic-like side, you can always opt for plain clothes that are black, or at least decorate the whole outfit with interesting chokers, statement rings and vintage brooches. Sometimes, it’s the little details that remind us of who we are and bring happiness in every day.

People need to put effort in everything they do and make it personal in order to get enough energy and motivation to go about their tasks and obligations. If you’re not satisfied with daily life, chances are that you managed to lose that tiny bit of your creative self that you can show through your particular style. Embrace it again and don’t worry – you’re never too old for something that is you.

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By Claire Hastings

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