Letting Go

Letting Go

It is when we are most frustrated and most incapacitated that change happens. No more can we accept the status quo of limited action based on out-dated values and drivers of esteem. The frustration arises due to the subconscious knowing ‘there is more’, a different way to be and operate in the world, yet our conscious mind tries to tell us we can’t: that this is reality, this is where and how we belong.

When we burst through the bubble of a limited reality, our vision changes. In the blink of an eye what once seemed so real becomes illusionary. Life as it was, no longer is – in subtle yet profound ways – and the future or changes we feared and which seemed so unattainable, now just are. We have shifted.

All change happens as a result of energetic shifting within. It is a two-way exchange, as our outer world influences our inner world, of how we feel and interpret our experience of life. But it is our within – the energies and vibrations we process, cultivate and allow to flow within us – which creates through an adapting vision, our expanded reality.

Photo - Letting GoThe key component in this process is letting go. When we let go, frustration falls away. Anger, sadness, resentment, diffuse to allow space for newness…and for ourselves. We feel more connected, present, and able to hear without the incessant noise of what should happen, the whispers of what can happen. We become available.

Learning to let go is a life skill. Rarely are we taught it. We live in a society which encourages the opposite: acquisition, striving, achievement, getting ‘somewhere’. We are taught to fear lack, that we will not have enough, and crucially, that we are not enough. And so we try harder.


But this is the illusion we deceive ourselves with. For without letting go, we cannot grow and create what truly matters. It is the outbreath which enables the intake – one half of the balance of life, a law of nature. Letting go enables acceptance: of ourselves and of the moment. It brings us back to base, with softness and compassion, as we allow everything to just be.

The trick to letting go is twofold: to adopt the intention, and to make a little space around ourselves – just a little more than we need. Nothing more. Both are subtle yet highly powerful changes, and in time, become a way of life. In intending to let go, we give what wishes to shift permission to do so. In its own time. And in creating just a little space, we enable the re-balancing to happen. The rest, we leave to nature to work out.

Trusting that we can let go is what we learn, and we learn trust by listening to ourselves. As we each day create just a little more space, for no reason other than we are worth it and it feels comfortable, we begin to listen to our true needs. ‘Space’ can be physical, emotional, energetic or mental – each day will bring differing needs. But as we increase our awareness, we begin to make small, almost imperceptible changes which create movement in alignment with our truth. Life becomes lighter, more enjoyable and more fluid – even in difficult circumstances. We become both in the moment, and of the moment. And as we let go, we begin to notice that change can happen effortlessly, that in getting out of our own way, we find our way. In learning to trust our part in the give and take of life, we also learn a more profound lesson: that we are life, and that the more we let go into it and into ourselves, the more rewarding and beautiful it becomes.

By Delilah Sullivan


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