Le Weekend?

Le Weekend

Le Weekend: Review

One for the Weekend? I highly recommend ‘Le Weekend’ directed by Roger Michell (Notting Hill, Venus) to name but a few. Penned by Hanif Kureshi (My Beautiful Launderette). Starring Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan. This Romantic comedy centers around a couples return to Paris to celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary. Quite early on in the film we begin to realise, all is not well in ‘Meg’ and ‘Nick’s’ relationship, as they admit they have become deeply dis-satisfied with themselves and each other. And so the ‘journey’ begins, that of self discovery, of reflection and honesty(sometimes brutal). If that’s not enough to be getting on with, they bump into one of Nicks University contemporaries, the now high flying ‘Morgan’ ( Jeff Goldblum).Who serves as a reminder of what they all used to be, fresh, excited, ambitious and full of hopes and dreams. This addition to the mix, puts into play Nick’s feelings of inadequacy. While Meg questions whether she is still attracted to her husband. It sounds a little melancholic? It’s actually really funny,, at times cover your face funny! Somehow, with delicate, witty writing and fine truthful performances the film manages to celebrate, as the couple reignite their youthful passions. The films bittersweet observations about life, intimacy and aging, is balanced with warmth, humor and childlike abandon. It’s also wonderful to see an older couple as the central relationship!! Le Weekend is gracefully executed by all. Must see movie!!

Review by Karen Bryson

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