New Year, New lifestyle:Meal Plan-Day 3


Lianne’s meal plan ideas – Day 3

Eat healthily, not less!

I love omelette for breakfast and eggs are a great source of protein. The Tuna salad for lunch is really quick to prepare and delicious.The Laksa is also a quick dish to prepare and packed full of flavour, one of my favs!

Day 3




Mix up a couple of eggs (you could use just the whites to make it even healthier) with any veg of your choice, I tend to chop up some sugar snap peas, kale and tomatoes and use a little coconut oil to fry. You could add some feta if you need cheese with it. Add a slice of smoked salmon on top if you fancy a treat or an extra hit of protein!



Asian tuna salad

Mix some leaves (spinach, lambs lettuce, rocket etc) with cucumber strips, tender stem broccoli, spring onions add a can of tuna and a hard boiled egg if you wish. Make dressing to go over it from soy sauce, chilli, touch of sesame oil and lime juice




Prawn laksa curry

Cook red onion and fresh red chilli together add king prawns and laksa curry paste add 1 chopped courgette, baby corn, tender stem broccoli and mixed peppers. Add one can of coconut milk simmer for 5 minutes. Serve with basmati or brown rice.





Protein rocky road / flapjacks.

Mix Raisins, dates, cashew nuts, coconut oil, cashew butter, 1 scoop of chocolate flavour whey protein powder and drizzle of 85% cocoa melted chocolate on top.


2014-10-24 11.46.19



Coconut water, the plain Vita Coco is the best I’ve found. Don’t be tempted by the flavoured versions they contained twice the amount of sugar.





Activity for the day

Go for a walk. Try walking to work, or getting off the bus or tube a couple of stops earlier.

If you haven’t started already maybe try Sean Lerwill’s Little Black Dress Workout

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