New Year, New Lifestyle: Meal Plan-Day 5


Lianne’s meal ideas….

Eat healthily, not less!

Day 5

Last day of my recipes and protein pancakes are a must! Hopefully you will have found that with a bit of preparation you can still eat lots of really yummy food, whilst losing weight and feeling healthy. There are so many recipes like the ones I have shared with you to try! Enjoy eating lean and clean and seeing the benefits in all sorts of ways!


Protein pancakes

Mash up a banana with a potato masher, add one scoop of protein powder and one egg, fry in coconut oil. Top with Fage total 0% Greek natural yogurt and berries






Mince with Vegetables

You can use Turkey mince or Quorn or very lean Beef mince and fry off with some red onion, tomatoes, broccoli or any other veg you fancy! Add spices to it Paprika, Cumin and Cajun seasoning is my favourite. You could make a protein wrap by adding to an omelette if really hungry!





Chicken thai green curry

Toast some cumin seeds and then crush and save for later. Then fry some chilli and sping onions in alittle coconut oil, add a table spoon (or two if you like it spicey) of green curry paste – let that warm up and add a can of coconut milk. Bring to the boil and add your chicken and any other veg, I like to use aubergines. Let that simmer and the chicken pouch – add in the cumin seeds and a splash of fish sauce and serve with brown or basmati rice.



Carrots with low fat humous, alternatively you can make your own; time permitting.

Activity for the Day

Try a class at the gym, I like circuits as it covers everything in one lesson.


If you haven’t started already maybe try Sean Lerwill’s Little Black Dress Workout


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