New Year, new lifestyle: Lianne’s story!

Eat Healthy, not less!

Do you ever look in the mirror and wish you hadn’t! That’s pretty much how I felt every day for the last 5 years. One day I decided I had to do something about it!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Lianne. I’m a married 31 year old that works full time with a 5 year old son.

I have always had an hour glass figure so I knew I was never going to be stick thin but after I had my son I found it really hard to shift the weight. When I was pregnant everyone told me how small I was and that I didn’t even look pregnant from behind but once I had him there was a noticeable change to my appearance and shape which I found really hard to control.

I doesn’t help that my job involves sitting on my comfy chair all day and when I get home I just want to spend time with my son before he goes to bed.

The real changing point for me was after a 2 week holiday to visit my dad where I pretty much ate my way through America and all the lovely cheesy and sugary treats it has to offer, I got home and really got a shock on the scales.

I was up to 12 stone 3lbs and wearing a size 16 in clothes. I realise the national average of the clothing size women wear in the UK is a size 16 and I know that I was not the heaviest person in the world but it was the heaviest I had ever been and it was only going to get worse.

I was full of excuses – ‘I work full time I don’t have time to exercise’, ‘it’s easier to stick some pre-made packaged fish cakes in the oven after putting my son to bed then making food from scratch’ and the biggest probably being ‘I work full time and have a son, I don’t have time to make my lunch for tomorrow so ill just buy a sandwich at lunch time instead’ These are all valid points until you get yourself in the right head space and pre plan, I found being a bit more prepared when it comes to food makes the most amazing difference.

Since end of May 2014 I have lost nearly 2 stone I’m down to 10 stone 5 1/2lbs and wearing size 10 clothes, it’s been a gradual process over the past 6 months of 0.5-2lbs a week but as we all know that’s the best way to loose and keep weight off. My target was always 10 stone, I’m so close and I really want to get there by Christmas time – having a target has been important for me to keep my motivation up.pickerimage

For the first 2 months I was getting a bit despondent because although the weight was coming off very slowly, I wasn’t really seeing the difference. This is the point that will test your will power as I know if it wasn’t for the support of my husband I would of gone back to eating the way I always had. As soon as I got past that I started to see the result and starting getting compliments, that in itself spurs you on.

I dug out my old prom dress from when I was 16 years old and I managed to get into it, things like that give me the biggest buzz! I had to buy a whole new wardrobe because none of my clothes fitted me anymore and for the first time in my life, it’s because they were too BIG instead of being too small for me.

I still eat a great amount of delicious food, I can’t stand these fad diets were you eat next to nothing and you are always hungry – they don’t work long-term, believe me over the last 5 years I tried them all. I had to completely change the way I looked at food and I can honestly say if you aren’t in that headspace you won’t be able to get results.

Simply things like changing how I prepared my food and what I cooked with, make a huge difference. Trying to bake, steam or grill food instead of frying was a good change.

Lucy Bee's Coconut oil available in most supermarkets.
Lucy Bee’s Coconut oil available in most supermarkets.


If I fry I use coconut oil instead of other oils, its lower in fat but still has the best bits of natural products – no nasty’s that you get in ‘Low fat’ spray oils. Keeping a food diary, I am more aware of what I am actually putting into my body – I’m not talking about calorie counting, but I found writing down what I ate I could actually see clearly where I was going wrong and it made me more conscious of the level of food I was eating.


Another key aspect is exercise , yes the dreaded E word! Working out even if its walking or doing a work out DVD when you can fit it in make a big difference. People say the key to losing weight is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise but you have to do that 20% otherwise your healthy eating alone will not get you to your goal. I work full time and have a child, my husband also does shift work so I have to work my work outs around him and childcare – this can be tricky but again if you pre plan each week you will find the time. I try to do a circuits class once a week and get out for a run once a week also but if I can’t do that I make sure I get a mini work out done at home of an evening. I also walk in the morning and evening to and from the bus stop, hop off the bus at an earlier stop and walk it instead.

Next week I will take you through my typical 5 day eating plan. Don’t worry there will be a lot of treats to choose from so you won’t get bored –a lot of the meal ideas may look like a lot of work. But if you are prepared and pre plan you will find it actually doesn’t eat away at your time too much.  I hope like me,  you’ll feel healthier and happier and most importantly FULL! . But here are a few suggestions of things I really enjoy.

Snack ideas –

  • chocolate banana slices,
  • raw brownies,
  • healthy rocky road,
  • sweet potato crisps,

Peel sweet potatoes. Once peeled use the potato peeler to cut the sweet potatoes into thin slithers place in baking tray with coconut oil and bake in hot oven for 15 minutes turning regularly be careful they will burn before your eyes if you don’t watch them.

  • Carrots with low fat Humous



  • Water, still or sparkling

If you have a water container at home. Cut lemons into wedges, squeeze and place into container and  fill with water. Then just refill your container with water when needed. The lemons will last between 3-5 days you’ll then have a supply of tasty refreshing water.

  • Green tea
  • Tea/Coffee If you need caffeine limit how many you have and use skimmed milk
  • Coconut water, the plain vita coco is the best I’ve found. Do not be tempted by the flavoured versions they contained twice the amount of sugar!

Here’s to a happy New Year, New Lifestyle!


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