Lisa’s Autumn Look 2014


The autumn lip look:

The biggest trend to pop into autumn is bold vivacious lips. They’re edgy, sexy and finish off the perfect makeup look. Wear alone with a subtle eye or go all out and wear with a bold eye makeup. Either way these shades are just gorgeous. Team up with a matching liner, this will help outline your gorgeous lips in preparation. Alternatively you can help your lippy last longer by filling in the whole lip, then going over with your chosen shade. I’m loving mac, their lippy is one of my kit must haves.

MAC Lipstick £14.50
MAC Lip Liner £12.50

















Also, a great key look this season is the winged eyeliner, it can be used everyday, in the evening dramatically for that special night out!

A few of my product faves are:

mac-makeupMac Fluidline
Use this with ease, it’s a light fluid that dries quickly, is easy to apply and easy to correct.
Price £15.50






image1Liquid liner
Use this again without effort, this product again dries quickly comes with it’s own applicator and stays put for hours.
Price £15.50

soap-and-gloryAlso soap and glory do a fab eyeliner liquid pen called Supercat. It’s a jumbo pen shaped applicator, easy to use, dries quickly and you can buy this for £7


Another good all rounder is a black eyeliner, use one of these if you want to  smudge your liner to create a less precise line on the eye. To finish this effect, go over the design with a black shadow to seal the product and stop smudging. I’m loving the Soap and Glory smoulder kohl pencil, this is waterproof with a sharpener built into the lid, a must have buy at £5soap-and-glory


To create that smouldering line, go over the penciled design with your fave black shadow, using a dabbing motion rather than a brushing motion. This will help cover the whole area, then once covered use a clean fine brush to smudge the design, looks fab and lasts for hours.

MAC-primerThe best way to start this application is to prime the eyelids with a primer. My all time fave is mac prep and prime £18.50. This is a good all round product which can be used as an eye primer or under the eye to help diminish dark circles, over the tops of the cheeks or forehead or anywhere on the face where there’s any skin discolouration. It’s great to mix with your foundation to go all over, try and see you can’t live without it girls.

smashboxAnother fab product to use after the primer, over the eye lid to create that fab base for your liner or shadow is Smashbox set powder, £19.00. This is a light translucent powder that goes over any foundation or primer to seal the makeup and create a matt effect to the skin. This product lasts forever and is so easy to apply and is a must have for your makeup kit.

Choosing the right design for the occasion, here are a few examples girls:

image6A few basic hints and tips, you can cater them to your needs dependent on the design you choose. I’m choosing the classic line to give you the basics then once you’ve grasped that you can try and be experimental.eye-liner

To start, line under the eye from  middle to outer corner, finishing in the place you want the line to end.


Then on the end where you’ve finished the line at the outer corner take the line towards the inner middle of the lid of the eye, again about half way, (take it to the inner corner of the eye for a more dramatic look).


Then fill in the space in between.


Simple girls, go on try it, it’s easier than you think. Lets embrace the autumn with our flawless skin, bold liner and gorgeous striking lips.

Boom! Hello autumn beauties.

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